William Wallace- How Gods Are Made Official Album Stream



Remember how I recently checked out William Wallace?  Thanks to the generosity and good natured intentions of the band, you can now hear their upcoming album in full a few days before it drops this Friday October 26th! Check out the concept thrasher below in its entirety! Don’t forget to get your digital or physical preorders in! And don’t forget your battle sword, boots and shield soldier!

EDIT: The band has taken the stream down. You can find it on many digital platforms.





Samskaras- Lithification


Samskaras is releasing a serious banger this Friday October 26th.  My favorite day of the week is Tuesday, because my homeboy Austin Weber drops a nasty reference for your favorite tech and prog death metal bands.  Today, he is streaming the Samskaras upcoming release right here!  The Montreal duo really, really outdid themselves on this album.

1. Reconciliation
2. As Warriors
3. Alignment
4. À Deux Mains

Eric Burnet – Vocals, Guitar, Bass (Unburnt, Derelict)
Alexandre Dupras – Drums (Teramobil, Unhuman)

Samskaras bring great virtuosity and groove to the table on “Lithification”.  The 4 song effort makes you hungry for more from this project, highly anticipating more music sooner than later.  Eric Burnet’s voice really brings this great project to the forefront.  Canada is a huge hotbed for different technical and progressive death metal bands right now, and you’re gonna have to add another great band in Samskaras to that overflowing list of greatness.

Samskaras band photo #1


This heavily emotional EP can not go unnoticed.  The guys really put forth an honest effort into “Lithification” and deserves lots of recognition for this great release.  Eric Burnet further explained their upcoming EP:

“This EP is mostly about the struggle between anger and self-control. “It’s direct and vicious, but also intensely emotional. The title itself is the geological process by which rock is created through heat and pressure. The question I’m pondering is, how hard do our life experiences make us, and when does that stop being a healthy way to cope?”


Godless- Swarm



India’s finest Godless are releasing a heavy, heavy death metal epic October 27th with some thrash metal sprinkled in for good measure.  It’s a relentless and energetic EP that you absolutely need to get your hands on.  Tom “Fountainhead” Geldschläger (ex Obscura, Ex Defeated Sanity) stamped his seal of approval on Godless with a guest solo on “Empty Graves”.  If that doesn’t convince you to at least give them a shot, then you must be living on another planet.

I’m impressed with voice of Kaushal who is the glue in this band as the vocalist.  His great range of growls helps intensify their music even more.  You simply can’t ignore Aniketh Yadev’s energetic and relentless drumming either.  Plenty of engaging fills and blast beats to take you into next year! Don’t sleep on this band and give them a chance!


Simply put: “Swarm” is an EP full of aggression, some technicality and a shit ton of groove to keep you going.  It’s a great mix of talent that you don’t see enough in extreme metal. Don’t hesitate and check out the few songs that were premiere before the release in the link a few paragraphs above.


  1. Exordium
  2. Infected by the Black
  3. From Beyond
  4. Deathcult
  5. Empty Graves

Godless is:

Kaushal LS – vocals
Abbas Razvi – bass
Ravi Nidamarthy – guitars
Aniketh Yadav – drums








William Wallace- How Gods Are Made


Prog/Thrash Metal band William Wallace is releasing their album “How Gods Are Made” on October 26th.  Not only is it good, but it’s also a CONCEPT ALBUM which I generally tend to enjoy.  The story is about a warrior who returns home from war all jacked up on adrenaline, only to run into this nasty creature called the Octobeast.  Sounds like the poor guy just can’t catch a break….Every song is representative of a chapter in the story.

William Wallace combines melody, intensity and quite an eerie mood.  There are some sweet acoustic Celtic interludes that make the concept more authentic.  The band’s fire charged emotion makes “How Gods Are Made” a true heavy metal experience.  The sweet guitar leads and occasional guitar duals really tickled my artistic fancy.  It’s a solid album from top to bottom.  Powerful vocals, great drumming and rhythm makes William Wallace a diamond in the rough.  The mix of vocals are great too, more growls than signing.  The singing is great, when needed and it hits the spot.

I’m glad I stumbled across another random band, and have to remember to keep tabs on these guys.  The band’s multi genre blend makes me miss those SYLOSIS guys, since Josh went to be in ArchMEHtects….supposedly they’re not on hiatus but its been years since Middleton joined Architects.  As much as I don’t want to admit it, Sylosis might be as good as dead….:( Wallace helped me fill that void that’s been missing in the metal scene.


William Wallace:

Brandon Garrett – Vocals
Joel Soto – Guitars & Vocals


Jordan Soto- Guitars & Vocals


Aaron Wheeler – Bass

Josh Ruloph – Drums


How Gods Are Made Tracklisting:

Chapter 1- Nautical Depature

Chapter 2- Calm Before The Storm

Chapter 3- Untimely Arrival

Chapter 4- Ashes Of The Tyrant

Chapter 5- Solace In Sadness

Chapter 6- Octobeast

Chapter 7- Ascendant Realm

Chapter 8- Blood Thirst

Chapter 9- Maleficium

Chapter 10- Tower Of Abbeleth

Chapter 11- How Gods Are Made






The band also has a show the day after “How Gods Are Made” officially drops on October 27th.  If you live in the Modesto area go check them out! 43700094_2228901140485443_2677785033858613248_n.jpg


Check out “Maleficium” below!



KOSM- Cosmonaut



Progressive Metal outfit KOSM is releasing their debut album “Cosmonaut” November 16th and am pleased I had to the opportunity to listen to it.  Being a big Mastodon and Gojira fan I heard plenty of nods towards those modern day prog greats.  KOSM does a solid job of mixing technicality, mood and groove.  They have all sorts of dual guitar sections, and very psychedelic and moody parts on “Cosmonaut” as well.  They’re a well versed band with all kinds of moods and changes engaging your ears every split second.


Mike Slater – Guitar

Michael ‘Pastrami’ Mastracci – Bass

Jessie Grace – Vocals

Erik Leonhard – Guitar

Sterling Paterson – Drums


In a genre (like any others, really) that can get a bit repetitive and old, KOSM kicks ass by trying something different every song.  Some are heavier than others, some have more psychedelic and moody sections…..they are not a one trick pony.  I thoroughly enjoyed the band’s debut album and everyone should give these guys a chance.  The rhythm section of Sterling and Michael is real good that is the true backbone of KOSM.  Pre order this glorious debut album and support the band! The band is also hosting a CD release party in British Columbia, you might wanna check it out if you live in Canada.









Diagoras- Enigma


Progressive/Technical Death Metallers Diagoras recently released their EP “Enigma” October 5th.  It’s a very groovy and technical when it has to be.  Lots of great tech bands pride themselves in the such, and can understand why some people shy away from these weird sub genres.  Diagoras though crafts great groove and technicality to make any metalhead happy.  Enigma is full of killer riffs and melodic guitar leads thanks to Mitchell. Their vocalist Erik Olans has some great gutturals, and even some singing at a few points.  The rhythm section of Simon and Ljuba is very fun to hear on their crazier parts and their locked & loaded groovy sections as well.

The Swedish Quartet put together an engaging EP.  The band also nods to classic death metal occasionally in their music as well.  They’re located in melodic death metal heaven AKA Gothenburg, Sweden.  I think bands from Sweden generally have something in the water that makes them superior artists….I don’t know what or why, but they just fucking do.  Stay up to snuff with what these cats do, because I guarantee you boring breakdown riff metal will bore the shit out of you and bands like Diagoras don’t!


Erik Olans- Vocals
Mitchell Colbert- Guitar
Ljuba Tripković- Bass
Simon Wärnén- Drums






Hey guys, hope you’re having a fantastic day.  Just keeping y’all in the loop….I’m rolling in a podcast radio show with a few of my friends in the Buffalo music scene.  It consists of: my crazy ass, Mike from Aspired Infliction and his partner in crime Vick (who both actively run themetalwebzine.com), and my buddy Davey K of Turning Virtue/Gazing Rabbit Productions/Imagine Event Center/The Tao Of Davey K (the man wears a million hats, I swear).  We will discuss many things prog metal and rock/technical death metal/experimental/instrumental music and the such.  There will be plenty of topics involving musical gear, shows we attended recently, upcoming shows and albums, new bands, and of course music! We want to even bring some musicians on at one point (locally to us in Buffalo, of course), when we really get rolling.  Maybe even premiere music for bands too! We have ideas for segments, as well.  It might be a once a month thing for now, and may change if there’s increased success and lots of interest.


Tomorrow evening October 12th, this insanity begins! We only have a Facebook for now, but will be getting into more social media accounts soon. Hope to see some of you on our journey to insanity!




Noise Trail Immersion October 2018 Interview



I had an opportunity to talk with Noise Trail Immersion regarding their upcoming album, band habits, musical recommendations and other random topics. Their upcoming album “Symbology Of Shelter” is officially released November 2nd.  You can check out one song off that album “Mirroring” right here.  Enjoy!

Noise Trail Immersion:

Fabio – vocals
Nebil – guitar
Daniele – guitar
Lorenzo – bass
Paolo – drums


TMR: What do you think is your biggest improvement or best adjustment on your upcoming release “Symbology of Shelter” in comparison to your first two albums?
Compared to our first self-titled EP, we think that “Symbology of Shelter” is something completely different, both sonically and artistically. Compared to Womb, we’d say the basic approach is somehow similar, but with this new release we feel like the overall quality is higher, the songs flow better and the Mathcore/Black Metal influences are blended together more effectively. One of the main adjustments was centered on focusing on the writing process, trying to structure the album as a cohesive and homogeneous piece of work, rather than an ensemble of songs stylistically similar.
TMR: How was the band formed and what led to the meaning of your band name?
We’re just 5 guys who happened to hang out together in the same city, we like the same stuff music-wise and we are all very serious when it comes to having a band. This project is something very important to every member of the band and we dedicate to it almost all of our free time. The band name has no real meaning, they’re just three words we thought sounded good together and basically, that’s it!
TMR: Describe your original and unusually awesome sound.  What made you guys want to mesh black metal and crazy mathcore? Your music is incredibly intriguing and not like a lot out there right now.
Thank you very much! Well, We always felt like Mathcore and Black Metal are two worlds that are very distant from the point of view of their historic background and the general attitude that characterizes them, but we think a common thread can be found sonically in their will to create an extreme form of sound: we always thought that the dark, misanthropic and evil sound of Black Metal could match well the crazy and chaotic structures of Mathcore, so we started writing tracks that are chaotic and dissonant but at the same time heavily influenced from Black Metal especially in the vocals, in the chords and in the riffing.
TMR: What are the band’s plans for the rest of the year and going into 2019 outside of your new album? 
We’re going to promote the album as much as we can with both online PR and touring: we have already some gigs confirmed in Italy for the rest of 2018 and we’re starting to organize a 2019 European Tour together with a band we really love!
TMR: Go into detail about the lyrics and theme behind your upcoming release.
The lyrics of the album are kind of a stream of consciousness that revolves around concepts like the inner crisis experienced by everyone’s conscious self, that uses “shelters” in various forms to satisfy a compelling and nefarious need to attach meanings to life. The theme of man’s relationship with moral and religion is also very recurrent, as well as the impossibility to know an ultimate truth. In a certain way, and the artwork surely has a role in this, this new work can be seen philosophically as a prosecution of Womb, reprising the aesthetic of the feminine element but also the existential theme of questioning life in its entirety, starting by a different point of view though: the concept of shelters.
Symbology of Shelter_Artwork
TMR: Who do you want a play a show with you haven’t yet?
There are many bands we would love to play shows with of course, some of them are Plebeian Grandstand, Dodecahedron, Amia Venera Landscape, Ulcerate, Gorguts, Converge, Thantifaxath, Ion Dissonance, Artificial Brain, Cult of Luna, Neurosis, Celeste.
TMR: What are you guys listening to these days? Any up and coming bands you want to suggest?
We listen to as much different music as we can. In the metal field, we love the new wave of dissonant black metal/death metal and Blackened Hardcore of course, but we’re also following the Mathcore scene, as well as many Doom and Post-Metal bands. Apart from Metal and Hardcore, we like tons of other stuff, especially Ambient, Electronic, Neo/Dark Folk, Contemporary classical music, Math Rock, Noise Rock, and many other genres, especially the ones where more artists are into experimentation in general right now.  Some up and coming bands we suggest are Storm{o} (Mathcore/Screamo), Onryo (Mathcore/Tech-death), Convulsing (Black/Death), Soldat Hans (Doom/Post-Rock),  The Clearing Path (Black/Death), Mico (Mathcore/Sludge),  Un (Funeral Doom).
TMR: What’s your writing process like? How long did it take to put together “Symbology Of Shelter”?
Most of the times we start with some guitar ideas, a riff or maybe just some weird chord or sound that somehow we find interesting and that can “set the mood” for a track. In parallel, we start arranging the song with drums and bass on Guitar Pro software and that’s really when the song starts building more and more on itself and can take unexpected directions and changes from the original idea. This time, in particular, we worked very hard on constructing the album as one long track, eliminating clear transitions between one track and the following one and making the whole thing sound like a monolithic work.
TMR: How did the video for “Mirroring” go?
This time we didn’t want to do the usual playback video, the first thing we all agreed with was that we as a band didn’t want to appear in the video and then we started to think of something that could be visually appealing but also with an artistic sense that has a connection with the overall idea of the new album. So we had this idea of shooting footages in various churches of our hometown Turin and then doing a very frantic video editing work to match the mood of the track “Mirroring”.
TMR: What did you guys think of Frantic Fest and who was your favorite performance? You had legendary bands such as Hideous Divinity, Hirax, Enslaved, and Sadistic Intent included in that lineup.  
It surely was one of the best festivals we ever played at. The lineup was amazing, as well as the audience and all the kind people of the staff. Our favorite performance was probably the one from The Secret, they really smashed it.
TMR: Put together your dream tour, 4 bands only! Who do you got?
Plebeian Grandstand, Dodecahedron, The Secret, Ulcerate.
Noise Trail Immersion Logo

October’s Artist Of The Month is….VIRVUM!


October’s featured band is the very potent & young talented prog death metal monsters VIRVUM! These guys grabbed my attention and kicked me in the balls when I heard “Tentacles Of The Sun”.  What makes this newer band so damn great? Well, their guitarists are pretty damn good to start.  They are the type of progressive death metal band that thinks outside the box, and really sticks to melodies and a song rather than showing off with receptive sweep picking patterns on guitar and tapping bass strings constantly.  They focus on creating a soundscape and cinematic experience, rather than just putting together songs.  The songs transition well on their debut “Illuminance” and really set the mood. Their bassist Arran really, really kicks ass.  He adds many great tasty bass leads throughout their only album to date “Illuminance” which is most likely the best release from 2016.  Fear no more techers: they ARE working on a follow up album while monstrously promoting their album and band.

Virvum is from Switzerland.  Europe just has such a great knack for all sorts of metal bands, as evident by many.  I think these guys will only keep getting better, creating great music that will fill the void of some of the genre’s greats who are done (Necrophagist and Spawn of Possession, unfortunately).  They are very underrated and very talented, and my logical choice for October’s follow up in comparison to a totally different prog death band last month in Burial In The Sky.

Enjoy the music from these masterful musicians all month long of October! Buy their shit! Play their album loud! Hear them roar motherfuckers!  And let’s hope we get a new single soon from that aforementioned second album.


Bryan Berger – Vocals
Nic Gruhn – Guitars
Arran McSporran – Bass
Diego Morenzoni – Drums
Toby Koelman – Guitars




Oh, and enjoy the wild bass work on that track that drew me to Virvum…..That freaking chorus, man.