Category: Death Metal

Dissonant Seepage releases debut single “Behind Bars Or Beneath Worms”

Buffalo isn’t known for death metal these days, so we flock to the Rochester for our death metal needs.  Another great new band Dissonant Seepage contains Contrain vocalist Cody McConnell (who also plays bass in this band), and two former Sastruga members Dan Fili (guitar) and Alex Perez (drums).  This 3 piece […]


Dave’s 2019 Recap

Hey guys! I’m back yet again with my best of 2019 article! I’ve added some more categories yet again, so this will even further expand from 2018.  Another reminder THERE IS NO ORDER, I JUST JOTTED DOWN WHAT I LOVED THIS YEAR.  I doubt many people will even pay […]

Unfathomable Ruination- Enraged And Unbound

Unfathomable Ruination is releasing their upcoming album “Enraged And Unbound” this Friday November 22nd.  I’ve been enjoying this album for months and is definitely the band’s best material….and no I’m not saying that because its cliche.  It’s because this is ridiculously true to say the least.  The band tapped […]