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If you ever want to make a donation of any sorts it will always be appreciated. It costs to maintain a website especially what you love. It takes time, effort and some cash as well to start up a website and keep it running. Thank you for your consideration and I hope you enjoy my articles!


I believe the website promotes quality music, and lots of smaller bands too.  It’s not free to run a website, it’s like paying your rent or mortgage.  It comes out of my pocket, like anyone else.  I take this fairly seriously, and love what I do.  I promote a band monthly, in the hopes people will check out their music and buy stuff from them.  I also hope those efforts get people to help them out, and purposely choose newer and independent/smaller name bands that aren’t huge in music popularity wise.  I also choose an extreme metal band every day as part of “dave’s daily death metal” on the website’s social media accounts to try to do something of a similar fashion, as well.

I also have plans to run contests for digital versions of albums, If I get a chance too.  I also have tossed around the idea of an online mag, subscriber and payment based though.  I would be putting material I wouldn’t be sharing with the website, though. I have already done a handful of album/song streams and premieres, believe it or not. Technical Music Review has gained serious traction since its early inception in February of 2018, and hope the website’s followers & fans want to help this beast keep rolling.  If interested anything helps in order to achieve these goals and make my website greater for you.

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