Month: June 2019

Unburnt release new song “Sorrow Bearing Enemy”

Unburnt have released the devastating new track “Sorrow Bearing Enemy” from the upcoming EP “Arcane Evolution”.  The band efficiently blends groove and intricate, mesmerizing rhythms.  It’s a really, really good track.  I’m excited to hear the rest of the EP and this is a stellar lead single.  Unburnt brings […]

Thank You Scientist- Terraformer

Prog rock/jazz/fusion shredders Thank You Scientist recently released this album that’s been on repeat for me lately.  There’s a billion reasons why they they were our artist of the month recently.  The boys released this album and I never even knew it was coming out! It was a ridiculously great surprise. […]

Beheaded- Only Death Can Save You

One of death metal’s most consistent and under appreciated bands Beheaded released another great album recently “Only Death Can Save You”.  These guys are one of my personal favorite bands and trumped the 2017 banger “Beast Incarnate” (I thoroughly enjoyed that record!).  What I dig a lot about the band […]