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January 2021’s Artist Of The Month Is Human Barbecue!

Time to put that awful year of 2020 behind us and start up 2021 with a serious slam courtesy of Human Barbecue! They are just as new to me as they might be to you reading this announcement with our website’s choice. I figured we can kick start […]

TMR’S Best Of 2020!

2020 has been insanely horrible for the whole world and a lot of people, well basically everyone. Who are we kidding? Our beloved music industry has suffered as a whole most notably smaller bands and labels, let alone larger more notable bands. Live streaming that was once a […]

Profanity- Fragments Of Solace

Profanity is releasing their album tomorrow December 4th and this is my first taste of this band with the album “Fragments Of Solace”. What first interested me was the wild guest list of insanely credible extreme metal musicians…..Terrence from Suffocation, Dave Suzuki (Ex Vital Remains) and one of […]