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Hypaethral- Hypaethral

The self titled debut album from tech death band Hypaethral dropped a few weeks ago and took some time to digest. It’s evident in our website name but the last few years I’ve drifted away from tech death. It’s not as heavy in some instances. Some bands are […]

Afterbirth- In But Not Of

Brutal/Progressive Death Metal outfit Afterbirth is releasing their third full length album “In But Not Of” on October 20th. The first two albums were on Unique Leader Records, but this one will be released on Willowtip Records. They signed there in 2021 and this opus will be their […]

Linus Klausenitzer- Tulpa

Bass phenom Linus Klausenitzer is releasing his debut solo album this Friday October 6th “Tulpa”. He brought on some guest musicians to help out from various bands to help perform some parts. Inspired by the German book “Die Sphinx” (1873) from Emil Besetzny, “Tulpa” takes listeners on a […]