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Inertia Official Guitar Playthrough Of “Relax”

If y’all loved the other Inertia guitar playthrough of “The Sacred Deer” here’s one of my favorites…..the mellow instrumental.  “Pachyderm” is my other Inertia jam from their full length banger “Teratoma”. Both tracks hold a special place with me in regards to the band.  It’s a totally different tune and showcases their atmospheric, […]


Necrotted- Die For Something Worthwhile

Necrotted released their EP “Die For Something Worthwhile” on October 11th on Rising Nemesis Records.  Do you want something brutal, slightly modernized and not full of crap? Necrotted should be on your radar, as they have been on mine.  These guys have accumulated some awesome death metal, and I’m […]

Immanifest release “Wandjina”

Melodic Death Metal group Immanifest have released a single “Wandjina” from their upcoming album “Macrobial” due out November 8th on The Artisan Era.  This band is one of the label’s newest acquisitions and is a nice change of pace from their usual targets of technical death metal phenoms.  Immanifest stand […]