Mind’s Doors- The Edge Of The World

The Edge of the World cover


Mind’s Doors recently released their progressive melodic rock opus “The Edge Of The World” and it really shreds.  It’s a true prog a thon, with some long tracks and mind blowing compositions.  There are lots of great keyboard parts that bring out their melodic parts more and really create amazing soundscapes.  The guys really wrote a great album won’t get the credit they truly deserve.  If you like classic prog rock and metal mixed in with your shred you’ll love Mind’s Doors.


1. A Warm Nest

2. Hollow Days

3. Koma

4. Sweet Dreams

5. The Light

6. Endless Nights

7. Victoria

8. The Edge of the World




Alberto Abeledo Guitars
César Alcaraz Vocals
Jose Bernabeu Drums
Marcos Beviá Keyboards
Eloy Romero Bass
Mind's Doors official pic
The band’s heavier side gets as loud as Dream Theater or Symphony X, so you old chaps don’t have to worry about any gutturals or blast beats.  The band’s body of work on “The Edge Of The World” is awfully impressive.  It invokes a lot of emotion and many melodic instrumental breaks.  I think these guys and Fractal Cypher would make a great tour combination…….hint, hint.  Cesar’s vocals are very powerful yet can be very calm.  Alberto’s guitars soar throughout this beautiful album and sound even better when Marcos’ keyboards kick in on all the melodic sections.  It’s a very enjoyable album with great flow and lots of energy.  Mind’s Doors are so diverse their voices need to be heard! Check these guys out!

Vale of Pnath is December’s 2018 Band Of The Month!



Well howdy folks! Time for the last feature of 2018 and I summon VALE OF PNATH! I’ve been into Vance Valenzuela’s band for a few years now and despite the wild number of lineup changes the man has impressively kept his band together.  The melodic technical death metal band is out of Colorado and has branched out from their original death metal sound to more prog and tech realms in their most recent efforts….by the way I am proud to share that the band finished recording a new album! In case you didn’t know, they happened to bang that out before supporting The Faceless on their Planetary Duality 10th anniversary tour (being the huge Michael Keene fan that I am….let’s hope for many people’s sakes The Faceless doesn’t drop off).


If you want to make an attempt to go to these shows…..that’s at your own discretion.  It’s good to see Keene showing up, hopefully making positive changes.  Now let’s see some consistent shows and great outcomes for the sake of his band.


I don’t know how I found out about Vale of Vance….er Vale of Pnath.  I stumbled across this great band somewhere but don’t remember where or how.  I’m just lucky as hell that I did, and know of the Pnath.  Vance’s band deserves a lot more recognition starting with the wild and impressive library of his band, let alone the perseverance to keep his band going and never giving up.  Overall they’re a band that is full of potential and a force to be reckoned with.  I hope more people check out VOP as a result of this and if you have already heard their music and know of them then you’re a smart chap.


Now I will leave you with my favorite Vance song “Blacker Than”.  The latest album is my favorite, but I can’t be blamed as that was the first record I checked out by Vale Of Pnath. Stay tech my friends!





Anomos The Cult Of Pandora Official EP Stream


Aonomos is a great groove metal band with some death metal influences here and there from Edinburgh.  “The Cult Of Pandora” is coming out December 3rd, with the band playing a release show on November 24th right before it’s release day.  If you like a little Mastodon technicality mixed in with some speed and occasional Meshuggah groove Anomos will make you all warm inside that body of yours.  There is also plenty of guitar melody that is slightly reminiscent of the 1990’s melodic death metal movement in Sweden.  Check out the EP right below and see for yourself!



The Cult Of Pandora

1. Imps

 2. The Cult Of Pandora

3. Steel Of A Martyr

4. Pinion Ether 


 The Cult Of Pandora

 Steel Of A Martyr

 Pinion Ether


Vocals: Tam Taylor

Guitar: Fraser McLeish

Bass/Vocals: Rob Iredale

Guitar/Vocals: Cal McKinlay

Drums: David Taylor

Anomos 26012018 gig

Infinite Nomad premieres debut song “Luminous Throat”


Coma Cluster Void’s Jeanne Strieder and Sylvia Hinz have launched their extra weird microtonal death metal band Infinite Nomad debuting their single “Luminous Throat”.  Accompanying the guitarist and bassist in the band is Lee Fisher and Eeli Helin of the band Fawn Limbs.  This is what I live for….the odd and unusual.  Death metal is such a predictable genre not just CCV but now Infinite Nomad is really trying something totally messed up it’ll make all the normies go back to their mommies with their blankies in hand sobbing like there’s no tomorrow.  There’s no consistency, the track is full of chaos and so much is crammed into the track that is slightly under 3 minutes long.

This will make your average musician or music lover uncomfortable but you know what? I LIVE FOR THAT SHIT! I credit the band for trying something new, weird, and out of the norm.  If this wild, chaotic mashup of music is any indicator I think the metal world is in for one hell of a treat if you’re sick of the same regurgitated styles.  I hope everyone enjoys this killer song, and tries something new.  Thank you to the band for such a sweet ass song!  Cheers mates!




Mordant Rapture release “Unsightly Beast” Playthrough

Mordant Rapture have released a guitar and vocal playthrough of “Unsightly Beast” off their debut EP “The Abnegation”.  First, The Odious Construct release a playthrough and today we get this beast….literally.  The Artisan Era has really spoiled us lately, but in general they do.  These bands are just more proof to their amazing successes they have achieved in such a short period of time as a record label.  Enjoy this ripper and stay tech!

Rainburn- Insignify


Indian Prog Rockers Rainburn have recently put out their album “Insignify” November 7th.  I love the melody Rainburn brings to the table.  Their sound is refreshing because there are some cool technical parts, and some laid back ones that remind me of the prog masters Porcupine Tree.  Rainburn have definitely outdone themselves with “Insignify” and am very eager to hear what they will write in the future.  There’s even a song on the album that is like an acapella! It’s a really cool album for sure.


 Vats Iyengar – lead vocals, guitar
 Praveen Kumar – drums
 Ravi Nair – bass guitar/ vocals
 Paraj Kumar Singh – guitar/ vocals (live member)
“Insignify” is a serious emotional roller coaster.  Rainburn really put a lot of emotion and heart into their music for this album.  It’s awfully creepy at times, and then it’s a bit upbeat at some points….it’s wild.  Vats, Praveen and  Ravi have created some odd yet beautiful songs that stick with you.  It’s great to see unsigned bands putting out quality music, as many people know you can’t really write what you want most of the time when you’re signed to a record company.  When you’re independent, you have that freedom and Rainburn have composed a great album in “Insignify”.  Check out a few tracks from the album below.

The Odious Construct release “Shrine Of The Obscene” Guitar and Drum Playthrough



The Odious Construct’s “Shrine Of The Obscene” is one of my favorite EP’S of the year thanks again to the modern day legendary record label The Artisan Era.  The band recently filmed and just put a play through video of the the title track online.  Now, you can see the insanity through video via KC Brand killing it on drums and Ben Jackson on guitar.  The EP is very fun and very well written, now enjoy this playthrough! Try not to drool or foam at the mouth, mmmkay?

Grant The Sun- Simmar Ur Bild



Grant The Sun is an Instrumental Prog/Math metal band out of Norway that is releasing its second EP “Simmar Ur Bild” this Friday November 30th.  The four song EP was a groovy, wild rhythmic display of musicianship with some sweet melodic guitar leads here and there. Think of that Mastodon/Meshuggah caveman stoner metal groove but with more melody.  The trio is a solid band that is a part of a pretty unique movement in the instrumental world.  The guys are pretty focused on great pocket grooves and rhythm, rather than the technical side of the instrumental world.


  1. Simmar Ur Bild
  2. Ondskans Vakmastare
  3. Tje Kjonoj
  4. Sjuttonde Maj

If you can read Norwegian, you will understand the track titles.  If not, you’re shit out of luck.


The band is heavy, melodic and groovy.  We need more variety and a diverse selection of artists, and that is part of why I’m into weird subgeneres and instrumental bands.  I get tired of generally hearing the same thing, and want to find something fresh.  I believe Grant The Sun is just that, and then some.  You can check out the title track which recently was premiered online right below.






Vane- Black Vengeance



Melodic Death Metal band Vane is releasing their debut album November 30th, inspired by pirates……yeah, melodic death metal influenced by PIRATES.  I was skeptical at first, debated even checking it out then listened to the music and damn did they knock the socks off my hairy feet. These dudes are relentless, energetic, heavy and melodic as fuck. I can’t say enough about these new guys, Vane just has IT.


Marcin Parandyk – vocals
Mateusz Gajdzik – guitars
Robert Zembrzycki – guitars
Marcin Zdeb – drums
Łukasz Łukasik – bass

Marcin’s voice is out front and its a great thing, he leads the charge amplified by the relentless guitar attack and rhythm section.  Robert and Mateusz are in sync who have many great guitar harmonies on “Black Vengeance” and more melodic treats.  The band plans to promote “Black Vengeance” very heavily with a quick 3 date run from November 30th to December 2nd…..all in Poland, where the band resides.  Don’t sleep on Vane….they’ll surprise you.  They recently released a video for the song “Death’s Season” which you can check out right below.  Preoder the album digitally and through their Bandcamp website listed below.

Black Vengeance:

01. Born Again 
02. Edge of the Cutlass 
03. I Am Your Pain 
04. Randy Dandy-O 
05. Death’s Season 
06. Spilling Guts 
07. Mutiny 
08. Rise to Power 
09. Black Vengeance 
10. Davy’s Grip 
11. Hangman 






Evilness- New Perspectives, No Evolution


French Melodic Thrash/Death Metal band Evilness released their first full length album “New Perspectives, No Evolution” earlier this year in June.  The guys somehow managed to snag Eric Forrest (E-force, Ex Voivod) to make a guest appearance on the track “Amok”.  It’s an energetic and occasional technical release with lots of great melody.  Evilness is damn impressive for a three man band.  They went 5 years between this new release and their debut EP “Unreachable Clarity”.  I think it’s safe to say it was worth the wait.


Ludo- Vocals
Seb- Guitars
Romain- Drums
It’s kinda proggy (borderline Voivod like, dare I say) occasionally in some of their songs, but for the most part they’re relentless as fuck and in your face most of the time.  The whole band in general really impresses me….Ludo’s voice is very raw and passionate that constantly resonates every single song.  Seb’s guitar work is so smooth and fluid from song to song and Romain’s drumming absolutely keeps Evilness in line adding lots of backbone to a very heavy band.
As stated in the picture above, you can get it digitally in the above stores and stream it as well.  Physical copies are not far behind through their website as well.  You can check out the album below as their record label recently posted a full album stream of “New Perspectives, No Evolution”.  I hope everyone enjoys this heavy ass offering as much as I did! Evilness fucking shreds!