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Try Something New Thursday 9-12-19

Here are some more bands for you loyal followers to listen to this week in another edition of Try Something New Thursday.  Enjoy the music!  Check out our previous articles for new music before going forward. DISILLUSION One of my friends lent me the insanity of this cool band, thanks […]


Omnibeing- Polytheria

Omnibeing released their album “Polytheria” within the last week which is the hard work of Vitaly Shemetovets.  It’s an instrumental progressive metal project that’s a bit different from what’s expected stereotypically in the genre.  Vitaly isn’t a true shredder, he has a ton and i mean a TON of […]

Eschaton- Death Obsession

Eschaton is releasing their upcoming album “Death Obsession” this Friday September 13th.  The album is their first full length including remade songs from their 2010 EP “Wake Of The Ophidian”.  Upon my first listen, I was like “these guys aren’t bad….I’ll keep digging further into the album”.  By the […]