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Vitriol unleash “Crowned In Retaliation” guitar & bass playthrough

If you didn’t like Vitriol enough you should by now.  The playthrough is a mind-blowing and mind bending experience.  Seeing them play their craft and what they go through is quite an experience.  “To Bathe From The Throat Of Cowardice” will be out on September 6th…..and if you live in Europe, […]


Unburnt- Arcane Evolution

Unburnt is releasing their EP “Arcane Evolution” today August 16th.  One of the better parts of the band who brings it all together is vocalist Eric Burnet.  The band brings a really fresh sound to the blackened death metal genre.  They’re a straightforward project who doesn’t hide behind anything and leaves […]

Devourment- Obscene Majesty

Brutal Death Metal legends Devourment are releasing “Obscene Majesty” this Friday August 16th.  It’s also their first album in a handful of years since 2013’s “Conceived In Sewage”.  Great bands taking their time to write new music is just fine with me, no matter how antsy or anxious I get […]