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Official Song Premiere Of Astrolabe “Through The Walls”

If you remembered, we helped out progressive rock band Astrolabe last year with their EP release “The Hermit, The Fool And The Hanged Man”. The guys are back at it with an upcoming album due out November 1st titled “Death: An Ode To Life”. The song they are […]

Geoff Barone- The Grim

One of Western New York’s most experimental and diverse artists Geoff Barone is taking yet another twist into his impressive library of music October 23rd releasing “The Grim”. What drew me in a few years ago with his release two years ago “Acquiscence” is exactly that. His cinematic […]

Spectrum Of Delusion- Neoconception

One of extreme metal’s best kept secrets Spectrum Of Delusion is releasing their highly impressive sophomore release “Neoconception” tomorrow September 11th. The debut “Esoteric Entity” from 2017 roped me in with their impressive technicality, but also the ability to write great melody while not going Archspire style overboard. […]