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Worm drop serious heat with “Shadowside Kingdom”

Death doomers Worm have dropped a mind blowing track that is well, not of their norm. Not only is there some sweet Phil Tougas guitar leads, BUT they went blackened/death doom for a song! This track comes off their newly announced EP “Bluenothing”. The 4 track opus is […]

Fallujah- Empyrean

Fallujah is back with a new banger titled “Empyrean” and is well exactly that. The change in vocals is what turned me away from the last album, and after several tries I just couldn’t vibe with “Undying Light”. Shift forward 3 years later in 2022, that happened and […]

Severed Headshop- The Fuckening

Severed Headshop is releasing its debut EP “The Fuckening” tomorrow via Everlasting Spew Records. If you love death grind, its an absolute doozy. It’s a chaotic, fast brutal release with some intense drumming for sure. Lots of blast beats, double bass, tremelo picking…..well you get it. If you […]