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Yuval Ron- Somewhere In This Universe, Somebody Hits A Drum

Yuval Ron has a new album out titled “Somewhere In This Universe, Somebody Hits A Drum”.  It’s definitely different…..and we do different here at TMR.  It’s an instrumental record (for the most part) based on well, you can tell……space.  It’s a cinematic experience like you’re listening to a movie […]


Mimesis Self Titled Debut

Modern Progressive Metal newcomers Mimesis are releasing their debut tomorrow.  The band gave me an honorable opportunity to premiere their debut track (also includes a rather interesting interview, may I add!).  If you’re into that style, you’ll love this new band.  I also got my hands on this early thanks to the […]

Unfathomable Ruination- Enraged And Unbound

Unfathomable Ruination is releasing their upcoming album “Enraged And Unbound” this Friday November 22nd.  I’ve been enjoying this album for months and is definitely the band’s best material….and no I’m not saying that because its cliche.  It’s because this is ridiculously true to say the least.  The band tapped […]