VVon Dogma I Official Drum Playthrough of “The Void”

VVon Dogma I is premiering their drum playthrough for their song “The Void” with us today! It’s a pretty interesting song with some great rhythms and drum work. It’s very interesting and our followers will enjoy this esepcially if they’re a drummer. The band comments on the song: […]

Wormhole- Almost Human

One of my favorite bands in extreme music today is dropping their 3rd full length album Friday and I couldn’t be more excited. Wormhole is back with “Almost Human” after absolutely obliterating our earholes with the sophomore release “The Weakest Among Us”. After loving the debut “Genesis”, I […]

Incantation- Unholy Deification

Legendary death metal band Incantation is releasing their latest effort “Unholy Deification” August 25th on Relapse Records. The long standing saying “You cant teach an old dog new tricks” rings true in many cases. In this instance “Don’t fix what isn’t broke” best applies to this scenario. Incantaion […]

Sam Mooradian- Bad Brain

Guitar wizard Sam Mooradian is releasing his second effort “Bad Brain” Friday July 28th and was pleased to get an inquiry in our email. “Depression For Breakfast” dropped in 2018 and didn’t hear anything from him since then. I then saw he joined Fallujah to play shows and […]