VVon Dogma I Official Drum Playthrough of “The Void”

VVon Dogma I is premiering their drum playthrough for their song “The Void” with us today! It’s a pretty interesting song with some great rhythms and drum work. It’s very interesting and our followers will enjoy this esepcially if they’re a drummer. The band comments on the song:

The Void needed to be the first track of the record as it is the oldest material by far. Most of that song was written over a decade ago and I really love the sound design and glitchy introduction that gives a feel of what you’re walking into musically. I think a lot of people can relate to that feeling of emptiness inside, or maybe I’m just hopeless bluesy melancholic. I actually wrote the first half of that song thinking it could be for my former band Unexpect’s material back in the day so, that tells you how old some of these parts are.

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