Month: April 2019

Panzerfaust release new track “The Day After Trinity”

Paunzerfaust have released a wildly heavy and disgusting song “The Day After Trinity”.  I tend to be picky with black metal, but these guys are well produced as well.  They bring a more original style to a rather dull genre at times.  If you are willing to give black […]

The Last Cell- Continental Drift

The Last Cell is the brain child of instrumentalist Jean Marc Perc.  His instrumental progressive music is very intriguing.  He isn’t an overly complicated player or writer to be honest.  What he does great though is compose great melodies, harmonies and great rhythms.  If you want a great guitarist […]

Inanimate Existence release “Desert”

Inanimate Existence have released another song off their upcoming impressive album “Clockwork” (yes we have heard it, and are still working on an article on it).  The music video is the third single off the album, with Voyager and Ocean the other tracks that were released.  This is their most mature and complete […]