Month: April 2019

Protosequence release new track “A Blunt Description Of Something Obscene”

I’ve been following the Protosequence guys for a bit now, and today they released an epic track proving the maturation in their songwriting.  “A Blunt Description Of Something Obscene” was released this past Friday.  Their guitar work is great, and so are their slamming rhythms.  The vocals have always been […]

Odyssey release new song “The Swarm”

Instrumental progressive band The Odyssey have released a track today titled “The Swarm”.  It’s a heavy, mesmerizing track with some absolutely blazing rhythms.  There’s a lot of cool parts, but not overdone technically.  The Odyssey have something special, and I suggest you pay attention to this great band.  They’re more […]

Try Something New Thursday 4-18-19

Hello! We are back with another edition of your favorite (or not so favorite) weekly column! Check out all of these bands today, and don’t forget to listen to bands from previous editions as well! DISCHORDIA The Oklahoma progressive death metal trio released my favorite EP of 2018 “Binge/Purge”.  Their collective […]

Osmed- Territory Of Warfare

Indonesian brutal death metal band Osmed released this nasty album “Territory Of Warfare” last year.  I’m late to the party again…….but that happens to the best of us right? Well, it’s no secret Indonesia is a hotspot for extreme metal of all varieties.  It’s pretty obvious I love that scene, and gladly […]