Brutal Death Metal

Gorevent signs with Comatose Music!

Japanese brutal death metal act Gorevent have signed with Comatose Music today! The band released a wildly heavy atrocity “In The Face Of…” last year in 2018.  Celebrating this signing the band is slated next year in 2020 for a new album on their new record label.  These guys have been pulverizing death metal for years now, and it’s cool to see them signed.  It’s even cooler to see them on a label with a huge heart for death metal, and we know they will be in stellar hands.



Check out this wild album below, if you’re not familiar with Gorevent.  Expect more of those nasty vocals and slamming rhythms on that 2020 release folks. Congratulations to the guys on this wonderful news! Stay brutal!

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