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Dawn Of Demise- Into The Depths Of Veracity

Death metal bruisers Dawn of Demise are releasing their album “Into The Depths Of Veracity” on Unique Leader Records April 19th.  I’ve always dug these guys, and this upcoming album proves their worth in extreme metal royalty.  Dawn Of Demise is one of those bands that is great and has consistently put out stellar material for a while.  There’s so many good death metal bands that some of the unsung heroes (like Dawn of Demise) kinda get forgotten unfortunately.  Their groove, brutality and punishing vocals are very impressive.  Scott’s vocals are some of the best parts of the record.  His dynamic gutturals and diverse style keep their sound fresh and not stale.  Every song is a new brutal adventure without repeating the same vocal style.  Absolutely stunning!



Scott Jensen – Vocals
Martin Sørensen – Guitar
Astor Palsson – Guitar
Bjørn Jensen – Bass/ Backing Vocals
Bastian Thusgaard – Drums

The guitar riffs are brutal, heavy and devastating.  There’s some cool guitar leads thrown into this heavy offering as well. Thusgaard’s drumming is one of the highlights of the record as well.  His relentless and animal-like drum style just rips on every single song.  He’s not consistently blasting every section, there’s a diverse amount of drumming styles he uses.  Bastian has fresh ideas that are not repeated, and I love the fact it’s not a predictable death metal style.  His groove keeps this brutal train rolling with no signs of letting up.  Bjorn’s bass playing adds to his intensity on the drum kit, giving the Denmark guys an insane sound.

Dawn Of Demise will punish your ears and kick your teeth in.  Grab “Into The Depths Of Veracity” this Friday April 19th as soon as it comes out, or better yet if you can preorder the many formats through Unique Leader.  If you’re not sold on this band, check out “In Silence He’ll Arise”.  You can also listen to the album’s title track below as well!

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