Category: Album Review

Ascended Dead- Evenfall Of The Apocalypse

Death metal band Ascended Dead is releasing their sophomore album “Evenfall Of The Apocalypse” May 12th on 20 Buck Spin. Uniting guitarist/vocalist Jon Reider, guitarist Ian Lawrence, bassist Kevin Schreutelkamp, and drummer Charlie Koryn, Ascended Dead plays death metal the ancient way with an intrinsically malign pedigree and methodical cruelty […]

Cattle Decapitation- Terrasite

Extreme Metal veterans Cattle Decapitation are releasing their highly anticipated album “Terrasite” this Friday May 12th. There isn’t an era I don’t like, but my favorite releases are “Anthropocene Extinction”, “Harvest Floor” and “Monolith Of Inhumanity” with “Death Atlas” knocking on the door. Yes, Travis is still doing […]

Nightmarer- Deformity Adrift

Nightmarer is releasing their second full length “Deformity Adrift” Friday May 5th under their record label Total Dissonace Worship. I’ve been into this band and been keeping tabs on them for years. They recently added Keith Merrow to their lineup who’s a fantastic guitarist. They released an EP […]

Vintersea- Woven Into Ashes

Progressive Metal band Vintersea is releasing their third album “Woven Into Ashes” May 5th of this year. I’ve been keeping tabs on this band since the last release “Illuminated” which came out in 2019. They are a heavy, melodic, elegant and atmospheric experience every song brings a new […]

Stillbirth- Homo Deus

One of extreme metal’s most consistent and also fun acts Stillbirth is releasing their album “Homo Deus” April 7th. I admit I didn’t know they were working on an album and I happened to stumble across this promo. I know they released an EP 2 years ago and […]

Devangelic- Xul

Italy has been flying the flag for brutal death metal for a while and death metal in general that shouldn’t shock the die hard fans. Devangelic is no exception and they are releasing their best effort “Xul” on April 7th. It’s a relentless, technical, brutal assault from start […]