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Dawn of Demise release “In Silence He’ll Arise” and announce new album

Death Metal veterans Dawn Of Demise are releasing a new record “Into The Depths Of Veracity” on April 19th and released a ridiculously groovy and heavy track titled “In Silence He’ll Arise”.  Dawn of Demise are one of those consistent death metal bands that don’t get enough love, and have been jamming these guys since their last bone crunching effort “The Suffering” from 2016.  Okay, I’m newer to these guys but that doesn’t take away from the fact. The record will be released through Unique Leader Records.   Scott’s vocals are one of my favorite aspects of the band…..understandable gutturals, a very rare thing in death metal.  Sweet riffing, rhythms, drumming and a melodic guitar solo pack the house on the new single.  If you like your death metal groovy, heavy and disgusting Dawn Of Demise is right up your ally.  Good band to change it up from the technical and complex side of the genre, and those DOD guys just come out swinging! Check out the lyric video below and if you dig it preorder it once the bundle are up on the IndieMerch website.  Stay brutal!

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