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Extended Putrefaction Stream Debut EP “5th Stage Of Death”on Slam Worldwide

I’ve been highly anticipating the debut EP of Extended Putrefaction featuring Agonal Breathing’s vocalist Brandon (who is a part of a ton of other projects).  Let me tell you this album rips hard and is as relentless as you can imagine.  The slams are intense and his vocals are as […]

Esophagus release second single “Emperor Flesh Crown Supremacy”

Brutal slamming death metal outfit Esophagus have released another song from their upcoming release “Defated By Their Inferiority”.  The track is titled “Emperor Flesh Crown Supremacy”.  You can listen to the first single “Pulverized By Misanthropic Behavior” before heading into this new headbanger.  The first single grabbed me and man this second […]