Unbowed release new song “The Athem Of I”

Unbowed has released a smashing new single “The Anthem Of I”.  The track has all the classic Unbowed elements you would expect in a track…..dynamic, melodic and powerful sing along choruses, emotional and brutal verses…..and a whole lot more.  The band packed a lot into a shorter 4 and a half minute song, with a nice little widdly woo on guitar.  When I saw Unbowed, they were absolutely emotional and plenty heavy as well live.  I can basically feel the emotion in the song and power the band resonates in their new song.  The riffs are groovy and sludgy as can be, with some short lived progressive moments here and there.  The rhythms are great, with some slightly quicker speeds than what I have grown accustomed to with the band.  It’s a great lil slice of Unbowed to tide (HA!) you over until their next release. Check it out!


Trayen Burke releases “Supernova”

Guitarist Trayen Burke has released yet another stellar song from his newfound solo project.  If you didn’t hear the first song “Gravity” you can check it out here.  The new song “Supernova” is extra melodic in comparison to his first single, and a lot more atmospheric as well.  The more you dig into this guy’s library, you see his potential.  While his main band Constructs is taking a nap (hopefully working on new music) Trayen’s shredly jams will surely tickle your instrumental fancy.  Give him a listen if you like modern progressive music with some electronics. For some of that awesome groove, melody and shreddies listen to this beautifully crafted song right below.  Give me some of that djent with some more djent on the side please.

Brainblast Premiere “Dextrorotatory Gammadeon”

Newcomers Brainblast have dropped their first single “Dextrorotatory Gammadeon”.  They will be releasing their songs every few weeks, and man do we have well…..a Brain blaster of a song.  Tom “Fountainhead” (Ex- Obscura, Defeated Sanity and now recording extraordinaire) handled the production for their upcoming release.  If you needed convincing, a technical metal legend stamping his name on a project should surely convince you before you even listen to the music.  And WOW, do they really rip! Dynamic guitars, with some great groove…..but don’t overdo it, with some very good guitar leads and sweet riffs.  The rhythm is absolutely impeccable, and drumming is very very wild in “Dextrorotatory Gammadeon”.  This song is a basically flawless debut single, if you ask me.  The group has set themselves a really high standard with this song, and will only get better from here on out.  Listen to the song below and make sure to follow them online so you see when the next song drops! Exciting times in BrainBlast land!

Dying Awkward Angel releases “Isaih 53:7” Music Video

Death Metal outfit Dying Awkward Angel have just released a new music video for “Isiah 53:7” from their 2018 release “Absence Of Light”.  This groovy death metal band is from Italy and bring a good product aboard.  It’s very heavy, and also sorta melodic….although not the glorified Swedish 1990’s melodic death metal style. The intense music video encompasses what Dying Awkward Angel brings to the table……no nonsense straightforward death metal to your ears! Check out the video below and don’t forget to score a copy of “Absence Of Light”!

Yoni The Bassist- The Flow Of Emotions

WOW.  Do you spoiled punks ever have quite the treat coming your way.  Yoni The Bassist has an extremely wild song they released last year in 2018.  He has an incredible talent that we totally support here at TMR.  He has an album coming out titled “Positively In Silence” and this wild song “The Flow Of Emotions” is well everything that song title says.  It’s absolutely amazing what you can do with just a bass…..we have a band in a similar vein here in Buffalo IshKabibble.  He had Ignacio JD drum for him on this song, and is there ever some serious groove.  There’s some great tapping melodies, and a great backing rhythm he provides in this insane song.  There’s a lot of great instrumental bands, and Yoni has something seriously special here.  This sort of stuff is an artistic trip that your average band can’t necessarily provide.  Lots of the same styles of music have been rehashed countless times, and artists like Yoni are pushing the genre labeling fad into a sound truly unique into his own.  Check out the song below and stay updated on when his album will drop, I’m sure it will be equally as impressive.



Ambrose release new song “Curtains”

Tennessee instrumental progressive band Ambrose have dropped a melodic fun song titled “Curtains”.   They’re not the wildly heavy type of band that’ll woo you with their loud sound, but moreso the laid back Chon/Animals As Leaders west coast type vibe.  It’s a very tasteful and melodic song, with all sorts of cool chord progressions and rhythms.  Ambrose is now a band I’m going to want to keep a close eye on.  Working in this sort of field though is pretty tough with all the bands we come across, but dang I’m going to try my hardest.  These guys have a fresh sound that can win over people who aren’t appalled with instrumental bands. Give Ambrose a shot if you want something new that is different than what you usually listen to.  Check out the song below and if you live in the area be sure to catch the guys at a show!

Ashen Horde releases “Parity Lost” from upcoming album

Black Metal duo Ashen Horde have released another stellar single from their upcoming album “Fallen Cathedrals” titled “Parity Lost”.  We’ve already experienced the insanity of “Profound Darkness”, and now get ANOTHER single to sink our teeth into! This track is slightly longer at over 7 and a half minutes, and is equally as explorable than “Profound Darkness”.  The choruses are just as melodic, and the verses have a huge black metal influence musically and vocally.  I actually can’t decide what track I like more, but heck it’s going to be on one album so what’s the big deal?

I’m picky about black metal influenced bands, especially vocally…..and sometimes the production.  I can dig some garage sounding albums or EP’S, I think its a nice change from the produced sound if that raw and underproduced sound actually fits the band.  In this case however, the production is stellar and with their more expansive sound they NEEDED a good production job.  The mix is pretty good with Steve’s vocals as well, that’s the problem I have sometimes with mixes.  Sometimes they’re too present that they drown out the other instruments and vocalists (if there’s any others).  It’s up loud enough to where it sits perfectly in the song.  Great music is even better with a stellar production, and this catapults their sound to even greater realms.  Enjoy “Parity Lost” and don’t forget the album drops March 22nd! Cheers!


Sludgehammer release single “No Control”

Sludgehammer have released the single “No Control” from their upcoming sophomore effort “Antechamber” due out April 12th.  The band mixes groove metal and death metal to an interesting peak to where either sound doesn’t dominate too much.  The guitar riffs are extra groovy, with a nice melodic guitar lead smacked in the middle of this rager.  The band has only been around for a handful of years, so if you haven’t heard of them check out this track I’m sure you’ll be convinced. 2014 had an EP “Organ Harvester”, and 2016 had their first full length “The Fallen Sun”.  “Antechamber” will be their third effort and 2nd full length.  Listen to the song below and get your preorders in!

Blackguard is BACK! Band releases new song “By My Hand”

Just when you think something is dead, and it randomly reappears.  Symphonic Melodic Death Metal act Blackguard have randomly artistically resurrected themselves with a killer new track “By My Hand”.  It also features Morgan Lander of Kittie on guest vocals as well.  The layering is superb, with those strings and synth that create the melodic atmosphere the band desires. I think its a stellar return to form for a band that was dormant for years, and has graced us with their wild return today March 8th.  They also have a comeback show on the 22nd, so hit it up if you live in Toronto!  Check out the song below and enjoy it!  Exciting times for Blackguard fans!



Equipoise Streams Masterpiece “Demiurgus”

One of the year’s best releases in Equipoise is finally here for the people! Nick and his supergroup have worked so hard on this awesome piece of music for everyone to enjoy, whether you tour or not.  I’ve personally heard this a few times through before this stream dropped and the world was hooked up thanks to the legendary Austin Weber yet again.  The album gets better every listen, and you catch more things musically every time. Check out the album below for your technical symphonic death metal needs! Preorder the album on their bandcamp or through their label The Artisan Era if you like what you hear!