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Pathos And Logos release “Captains Of Industry”

Instrumental progressive duo Pathos & Logos have released another new track “Captains Of Industry”.  If you don’t know the guys, check out their tracks  “Mergers And Acquisitions” and “Black Budget”.  We have covered this great band before and have personally paid attention to when it seemed like Kyle (guitars and everything else) […]


Trayen Burke releases “Supernova”

Guitarist Trayen Burke has released yet another stellar song from his newfound solo project.  If you didn’t hear the first song “Gravity” you can check it out here.  The new song “Supernova” is extra melodic in comparison to his first single, and a lot more atmospheric as well.  The more […]

Brainblast Premiere “Dextrorotatory Gammadeon”

Newcomers Brainblast have dropped their first single “Dextrorotatory Gammadeon”.  They will be releasing their songs every few weeks, and man do we have well…..a Brain blaster of a song.  Tom “Fountainhead” (Ex- Obscura, Defeated Sanity and now recording extraordinaire) handled the production for their upcoming release.  If you needed convincing, […]