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Arkaik full band playthrough of “Supernal Flame”

Tech death bruisers Arkaik have released a full band playthrough of their smashing new track “Supernal Flame”.  Like a good amount of bands, they’ve been through plenty of lineup changes.  What I’ve dug about Arkaik is their music has gotten better every release, despite revolving doors.  This is their first release with newer guitarists Chris and Alex, and you REALLY see their talents shine as a duo songwriting wise.  They aren’t fitting into Arkaik like a circle to a square….these players understand the band’s sound and style.  And, are you shocked by Jared’s trademark growls?  Nope. He’s just that good.  Nate Bigelow (Singularity, ex- Alterbeast) keeps the groove going on the drums and get to see his unique style implemented on one of the better songs this band has put out.  Check out that playthrough below!

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