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Official Song Premiere Singularity “Ritual Of Regret”

Artisan Era’s most recent acquisition Singularity is sharing a new song with us today!  The symphonic technical blackened death crew has risen the bar from their 2016 EP “Void Walker”.  If you’ve been into this awesome band, you’d have known they were great fit for the label…..and extremely happy for the guys.  The release date for the album “Place Of Chains” is slated for an October 11th release date on The Artisan Era.  The song you will incessantly bang your head to today is “Ritual Of Regret”.  It’s an obscenely heavy and fun quick 3 and a half minutes that will leave your brains scattered all over the floor.

Here’s a quote from the band about their upcoming release:

“Place of Chains is the translation to the song title “Desmoterion” which lyrically illustrates the emotions of being wrongfully imprisoned. Considering that many of the songs on this record lyrically are about enslavement, we felt it was a good over-arching title for the record. We strongly believe that this is the best Singularity record so far. Singularity would also like to thank our guest artists that we had the privilege of having on this record. With every record, we try to further hone in on what the core of Singularity’s sound is and what we want to bring to the world of metal.” 

Oh, and um…’s the song! TMR hopes you enjoy it as much as we did!

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