Inferi release “Condemned Assailant” Music Video

Inferi have released a music video for “Condemned Assailant” which is one of many great songs from their latest groundbreaking album “Revenant”.  Steve Bosier has been recruited recently to front the band on vocals and officially keeping bass master Andrew Kim.  The band are working on a rerelease of one of their first albums “End Of An Era” with their current lineup which will be pretty awesome if you’re a fiend for reworked albums.  Check out their video below, which I think is one of the tech band’s more melodic songs from “Revenant”.

February 2019’s Band Of The Month is…..THE RITUAL AURA!

Technical/Progressive Death Metal Titans The Ritual Aura are making waves in the community with the wildly impressive library they have, and promoting their upcoming release “Velothi”.  You may have noticed recently we tried to help the band by promoting their puzzle solving game shit.  There is some sort of prize in the end….I’m not sure what it is, but you may still want to check it out and get on it if it’s not too late.  The band’s guitar work is absolutely obscene, led by mastermind Levi Dale.

Levi and company have created a wildly melodic, atmospheric and diverse sound that every tech/prog metal band doesn’t always accomplish.  He’s found a perfect median between technicality and songwriting, without going overboard.  That can’t be said for a lot of technical and progressive bands, because you can’t always have it both ways…..unless you’re the Ritual Aura!

This band is composed of musicians from around the world (some in Australia), so playing shows will be wildly difficult unfortunately…..but don’t worry, they’ll be releasing music until they die! Levi has another project, and his own record label! Click on the interview in the first paragraph for more information!

I’ve been into this band for a bit since 2016’s offering “Taether”.  They have 2 full lengths (the first being Lanikea) under their belt and “Velothi” will be their third.  Stay tuned for a release date on that behemoth, but its been said 2019 will definitely have new music from TRA camp.  I hope everyone enjoys this wildly talented, diverse and technical band that’ll definitely blow minds.  They were one of the bands I chose last April for that contest I ran for the site’s followers to choose for the next 3 months of featured bands…..They more than deserve the promotion and appreciation, so let’s make it real special for the guys.  Let’s drive up their social media accounts and introduce more people to this vastly underrated band!



KC Brand of The Odious Construct debut “Vortex Of Self” Drum Playthrough

The Odious Construct’s Drummer KC Brand has released a drum playthrough of “Vortex Of Self” from their killer EP Shrine Of The Obscene.  I have been into this band since their debut album, and wow SOO made it onto Dave’s ever so expanding best of list.  The playthrough is physical evidence of how good my homeboy is on drums, and is another testament to their improving sound and talents with their second EP.  Y’all wanna get familiar with these cats if you’re into symphonic melodic technical death metal (A MOUTHFUL I KNOW).  They just rip really hard, and Brand proves it…..yet again.  Check out the video below and bang your head!

Blood And Thunder- The Necromancers Cantos


Blood and Thunder (inspiration from Mastodon, I’m going to ignorantly assume who I love) is a killer melodic death metal band who released their latest EP this past November “The Necromancers Cantos”.  Blood thirsty bears, naked women with green hair…..pretty gnarly right? Time to focus on the music, I don’t want to know where your messed up minds are gonna go so let’s stay on topic.  These guys drew me in with a polished, heavy and obviously very melodic sound.  The keyboards are used so intelligently and swiftly where it occasionally harmonizes with the guitar on some leads. It isn’t cheesy in the sense of it’s super up front like a terrible 80’s band,  the synth and keyboard are in the RIGHT spots on the EP.  Yes, there are parts where it’s the leading melody in sections occasionally but it isn’t overused.



Ryan Yancey – Drums / Vocals

Nick Hughes – Bass

Damian Boger- Keyboards

Major Bruno- Guitar

Michael Anthony- Guitar

Oh, and as you can see their drummer is their vocalist….which is not easy to do, by the way.  How cool is THAT? The guitar tandem of Bruno and Anthony is dynamic and have well written parts.  I already touched on the synthesizer and keyboard talent of Damian, but Ryan seems to be the gravy on the mashed potatoes.  His voice has a nice range of a low enough guttural, and those higher growls you tend to hear in melodic death metal.  His drumming is equally as impressive, to boot.  The guys have already opened up for stellar acts such as Amorphous, Dark Tranquility, Moonspell and Omnium Gatherum (by the way that was all in one show!).  You can also add Koorpiklani, Ensiferum and Becoming The Archetype to that list as well.  Don’t worry, they’ve also headlined plenty of shows in their existence which is just reaching over a decade since they started the machine in 2008.

If you’re into melodic death metal, with a bit more melody and harmony than usual Blood and Thunder will fit that to a tee.  “The Necromancers Cantos” is a solid EP with lots of energy and is pretty heavy as well.   The Seattle based band is just another testament to the Midwest and Northwest metal explosion of some great newer bands. Check out the EP just about anywhere on any streaming platform or digitally.

Darkest Horizon- Aenigmata



Darkest Horizon is a Melodic Epic Death Metal band out of Germany that really caught my ears.  “Aenigmata” was recently unleashed upon our unworthy world on October 6th.  They recently were billed with Wintersun on their European “By Request” tour and can’t complain all being a Wintersun fan.  The guys have a solid melodic vibe, mixed in with some great growls and singing that keep you going craving more.  There’s plenty of speed, and also some groove to go with that speed.  Darkest Horizon is quite a varied band that is a good change in pace for a guy like me that likes the weird prog sub genres and tech death explosion of recent years.



Aurelius Lie (Vocals)
Olli Sattler (Guitars)
Daniel Baum (Guitars)
Christian Mühlbauer (Keys)
Jonas Heinzel (Bass)
Vincent Haas (Drums)

Aurelius Lie has a great voice…..his growl is also a bit lower, think Johan Hegg (Amon Amarth) heavy.  It’s very distinct and fits his band to a tee.  The guitar tandem of Olli Sattler and Daniel Baum is absolutely majestic with their melodic leads and duals that masterfully inserted in “Aenigmata”.  The band’s music makes you want to go into the forest and explore its dark and wintery landscape.  Darkest Horizon is a very great band that not enough people know about and am pleasantly surprised I do now.  The album is available on many digital and streaming platforms.  There are also physical copies currently available of “Aenigmata” and their previous releases as well. They do have an upcoming show on December 22nd in Germany called the “New Year Apocalypse”.  If you can make it, go to it!


October’s Artist Of The Month is….VIRVUM!


October’s featured band is the very potent & young talented prog death metal monsters VIRVUM! These guys grabbed my attention and kicked me in the balls when I heard “Tentacles Of The Sun”.  What makes this newer band so damn great? Well, their guitarists are pretty damn good to start.  They are the type of progressive death metal band that thinks outside the box, and really sticks to melodies and a song rather than showing off with receptive sweep picking patterns on guitar and tapping bass strings constantly.  They focus on creating a soundscape and cinematic experience, rather than just putting together songs.  The songs transition well on their debut “Illuminance” and really set the mood. Their bassist Arran really, really kicks ass.  He adds many great tasty bass leads throughout their only album to date “Illuminance” which is most likely the best release from 2016.  Fear no more techers: they ARE working on a follow up album while monstrously promoting their album and band.

Virvum is from Switzerland.  Europe just has such a great knack for all sorts of metal bands, as evident by many.  I think these guys will only keep getting better, creating great music that will fill the void of some of the genre’s greats who are done (Necrophagist and Spawn of Possession, unfortunately).  They are very underrated and very talented, and my logical choice for October’s follow up in comparison to a totally different prog death band last month in Burial In The Sky.

Enjoy the music from these masterful musicians all month long of October! Buy their shit! Play their album loud! Hear them roar motherfuckers!  And let’s hope we get a new single soon from that aforementioned second album.


Bryan Berger – Vocals
Nic Gruhn – Guitars
Arran McSporran – Bass
Diego Morenzoni – Drums
Toby Koelman – Guitars


Oh, and enjoy the wild bass work on that track that drew me to Virvum…..That freaking chorus, man.

The Odious Construct- Shrine Of The Obscene


Melodic Tech Death Quintet The Odious Construct is releasing their second EP “Shrine Of The Obscene” October 12th through The Artisan Era.  What drew me to the band initially was their great drumming, guitar work and vocals.  It was an instant click for me with their self titled debut EP.  What is different this time around for the Californians is a wider and deeper sound, with more darkness and melody as well.  Lots of symphonic elements and synthesizer tracks enhance their wild journeys. Dare to say there are some blackened sections that remind you of European greats Wintersun at some points. I think the band really, really morphed together on this upcoming EP it’s extremely interesting.  They don’t necessarily overdo it and the band writes great songs.  They can hold a great groove, while organizing some cool sections.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say “Shrine Of The Obscene” is one of if not the best EP’S of this year as good as that recent Mordant Rapture release over the summer.  The Artisan Era is proving its value and talent signing some great bands to its diverse tech & prog filled roster, and not just signing bands to organize a label.  You can clearly see their vision and the Odious Construct is another great example of their recent success.  Their rhythms are great and rather intoxicating, to say the least.  I think their songwriting improved this time around as well with deeper subjects such as psychological problems rather than the usual death metal jargon.

You can grab preorders at the links below for this bad boy.  Don’t forget this and mark it on your calendars!  Also: you can get a look into The Odious Construct, their creative process, the upcoming EP and more with my recent interview with them right here.  I enjoyed this impressive and strong sophomore release and hope the rest of the metal world does as well!

Shrine of the Obscene:
1. Vortex of Self
2. Descension
3. They Came Through the Mirrors
4. Cyanide Eyes
5. Shrine Of the Obscene

The Odious Construct:

Casey Ryle – Vocals
Wesley Yee – Guitar
Ben Jackson – Guitar
Sam Datu – Bass
KC Brand – Drums (The Ritual Aura)

Odious Construct September 2018 Interview


The Odious Construct are releasing a killer EP “Shrine Of The Obscene” next month October 12th and I chatted with the guys about their band and new record label.  Check out the first single right here.


The Odious Construct:
Casey Ryle – Vocals

Wes Yee – Guitars

Ben Jackson – Guitars

KC Brand – Drums

Sam Datu – Bass

TMR: Who’s your favorite band on your new label The Artisan Era?


Oh man. Every band on this roster is god tier, that’s an impossible question to answer! -KC


TMR: What shows does the Odious Construct have coming up in support of your new release?


We have a show lined up in October and were planning on actually having Decrepit Birth headline for us.  There’s a number of bands that were trying to get in, but nothing set in stone yet. -KC


TMR: What did you guys do differently this time around for “Shrine Of The Obscene”?


Our upcoming EP has more experimentation with different orchestra instruments. We used the harp a lot for our last EP, but we expanded on that and used a koto, viola, choirs, and of course more harp to keep the songs more interesting and dynamic. Our next EP also has a lot more character to it since everyone had more input and was more involved in the song-writing process. The last EP was mostly just me and KC since it was older songs we had written before we found the right band members. Our single, Shrine of the Obscene is a pretty good representation of everyone’s hand in the songwriting process, and musically it creates something more interesting. – Wes


TMR: What is the theme and meaning behind Shrine Of The Obscene?

The title track/EP title is an overall portrayal of how we as a modern society tend to relish in the pain of others, as a form of escape from our own suffering. The “shrine of the obscene” is a physical representation of this worshipping of others suffering. -Casey



TMR: What are your biggest influences outside of death metal?

Marty Friedman was a huge influence for me, back when he was in Cacophony with Jason Becker, to his stint in Megadeth, and all of his instrumental solo albums. The biggest thing that I took from him is the importance of melody. I really try to focus on writing something that is memorable and has a flow to it that will hook the listener. I think that’s one thing that kind of gets lost these days since a lot of people are focusing on “how can i make this more technical” instead of “how can make this more melodically interesting?” – Wes


TMR: Guilty pleasure band or artist?

I haven’t been listening to too much metal these days, so i’ve been casually listening to Kpop or Korean music. Right now I’m on a Heize binge which is a mix of like korean hip hop/jazz/r&b. – Wes

Some of our members dabble every now and then in some early 2000’s nu-metal bands like Korn or Mudvayne. I actually like a lot of bands without vocals, either djent or post-rock/metal/whatever genres. -Casey


TMR: Describe your typical Odious Construct show?

I mean, we try to be as energetic and engaging to everyone as possible,  Usually try and start the set off with a fast one just to get the blood flowing and set the tone for the set. We’re actually setting up a light show currently so that should add some extra zest to everything. -KC

The Odious Construct line up


TMR: How did you get into music and did you ever think you’d be doing it as a signed band?

I personally have been around music since I was a toddler, my dad was a drummer, and I kinda picked it up from him.  Didn’t start playing seriously though till maybe the 8th grade talent show haha. All my friends were chanting my name with the beats I was playing it was super cool!  But I guess after doing that, I decided that drumming was something that was going to stick. So it did. And no, never thought I’d be a signed artist. Especially not to a fire label like this one.  Although small, there are some killer acts on this roster man. Everyone is insanely talented and good at what they do. -KC


TMR: That is some nasty art! Who designed your EP cover?

We got lucky with that one!  Leonardo Devidson drew up that one.  Killer artist! -KC



TMR: Design your dream tour composed of 4 bands. Who makes the cut?


Ooh, tough one. But I think we all agree on these four: Baby Metal, Dragonforce, Attila and Nickleback, of course. -Casey


TMR:  What band would you love to play with you haven’t yet? And what show was your most memorable?


I mean, if I have access to any band I’d pick probably pick someone like Opeth or Between the Buried Me. The most memorable show for me was when we played a small festival The American Legion in Tahoe with Cattle Decapitation headlining. The extra drive in the snow just added an extra layer of atmosphere. – Sam


TMR: Describe your biggest or most important moment as a band.  

I think we would all agree that getting signed to The Artisan Era for our upcoming EP release was a huge step for us. We all look up to everyone on that roster and to be apart of that is a huge accomplishment for us. -Wes


TMR: How has your journey been since The Odious Construct started? How many sacrifices have been made to keep the band going?  


Being a small band, especially new, can be extremely challenging at times. -Wes


TMR: How did the band start?

We were formed back in early 2015.  Wes and I had departed from a thrash metal project that kinda just lost its spark overall.  Took some ideas had floating around and wrote Flatline, (last song of our self titled EP) and asphyxiation, which has currently been unreleased.  Shortly after writing a few tunes we got ahold of our buddy Ben, who actually played drums for a band called Legions Requiem, and was also someone that Wes and I grew up in the Sacramento metal scene with for quite a number of years.  Having dabbled in guitar just a little, Ben picked up everything super fast, and quickly became proficient enough to help write. You’ll hear a lot of his stuff on Shrine of the Obscene. Sam and Casey were a bit tough to find, scouring craigslist and social media, we all got in contact with each other and it just worked perfectly. We have great chemistry and I couldn’t imagine having other band mates honestly. We’re all musically on the same page for the most part, so its nice to be able to work with like minded people. -KC


Promethean- The Nameless Colour


Symphonic Blackened Death Metal extraordinaires Promethean released a new single yesterday “The Nameless Colour”.  The French lads are working on a follow up to their 2017 debut EP “Aloades” and released this banger of a track.  I personally love the melodic blackened/black metal movement.  It’s so out of the norm, and certain bands get it (like Xaemora!).  The strings & keys enhance the atmosphere of a frantic and chaotic song.  Promeathean is no exception to the dull side of black metal, and shouldn’t get this band lost in the shuffle. The guitar work is mind-blowing, as are the vocals that further intensify the track and Godart’s drumming can’t be ignored either.  It’s a phenomenal song that is shaping up to make their debut look like child’s play.  Check out the track below!


Nicolas Cardoso- Vocals
Matthieu Cardoso- Guitar
Gaëtan Marquer- Guitar
Léo Dieleman- Bass
Axel Hurard- Keyboards
Leo Godart- Drums

The Odious Construct launch “Shrine Of The Obscene” Lyric Video



Technical Melodic Death Metal shredders The Odious Construct are releasing their second EP “Shrine Of The Obscene” through their new record label The Artisan Era October 12th.    The guys recently released a lyric video for the title track.  I’ve already ripped through it and no lie it’s a million times better than their forceful self titled debut EP.  The symphonic and orchestral elements keep me coming back for more with this ridiculous band.  Don’t sleep on these guys, and their label.  Check out the single and preorder the EP!


Shrine of the Obscene
1. Vortex of Self
2. Descension
3. They Came Through the Mirrors
4. Cyanide Eyes
5. Shrine of the Obscene

The Odious Construct:

Casey Ryle – vocals
Wesley Yee – guitar
Ben Jackson – guitar
Sam Datu – bass
KC Brand – drums (The Ritual Aura)