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Aronious- Perspicacity

Aronious is releasing their Artisan Era debut album “Perspicacity” today and it’s quite a monster.  It’s more melodic and symphonic than a good amount of technical death metal, and quite honestly…..actually has lots of groove.  Lots of bands in the genre seem to outdo each other but Aronious is not of that mold.  There’s a lot of great rhythms in this musical adventure and as great as the whole experience is, my two favorite tracks are the instrumentals.  Aronious isn’t a one trick pony and this is one release the band and label can be extremely proud of.  You can check out the album stream in our article we put up yesterday evening.

The band’s fretboard wizardry is by far one of the most entertaining aspects of the album.  The riffs are well just insane to say the least and shows how hard the band worked at creating this opus.  The guitar leads are super melodic, and aren’t always super shreddy.  Overblowing guitar leads and a TON of them are a huge aspect of technical/progressive metal, which is pretty refreshing to hear from a fellow guitarist like myself.  The vocals are perfectly set in a middle range and if you don’t like vocalists who venture all over the place this is the right band for you.  The drumming is extremely varied as are the bass lines.  It isn’t about just keeping a good groove or playing as fast as you can.  There’s a lot of stellar fills and tasteful parts that compliment such a demanding band and style of music.


“Perspicacity” hits every single check mark in our book, with some great layering as well (some cool ethereal strings thrown in some of the songs for good measure, BUT NOT OVERUSED!).  Aronious really smacks you in the mouth with this album showing they mean business and it’s one impressive album.  Go listen to the album in full at the link we provided in the first paragraph to understand our review of this great album.

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