Try Something New Thursday

Try Something New Thursday 3-12-20

While you’re all recovering from the Coronavirus quarantined at home you can check out some new music today!  If you missed some new tunes that dropped this week, we’re gonna be sharing some (from some artists you possibly already know).  Check out our past editions because you might enjoy something!  Now put on that mask and dive into some nasty music!


We’ve promoted Aronious in our TSNT articles recently, and today we are here to share the band’s early stream of their monster release “Perspicacity”.  Melodic technical death metal done dang near perfectly, you will LOVE this record.  With everything at a standstill for a good month, I’m sure bands especially of the smaller kind like Aronious would appreciate the support for a great release like this if you have the money to support them.  Check out that album stream below!



The man, the myth, the legend.  Love him or hate him, he does what the hell he wants.  Whether its rockier, more experimental, poppier (yes one artist I’ll admit their commercial stuff actually resonates with me believe it or not) or even electronic side projects of his the man has a ton of different musical faces.  He released a 10 minute single yesterday titled “Personal Shopper”.  Pretty obvious from the song title he’s going back to his iPod smashing days and hating consumerism like he did over a decade ago with Porcupine Tree’s “Fear Of A Blank Planet”.

It is however, much more electronic based poppier and just as weird.  A lot of fans hate the song but I think it’s actually pretty cool.  It’s a good change in pace, and honestly are you shocked?  His remastering work lately has been more 80’s pop albums, and To The Bone was not far off from that a few years ago.  Color me impressed, I dig the melodies rhythms and Wilson getting his venom out in this anti consumerism anthem.  With new material from Blackfield and One Man, you can’t be THAT shocked he was in the same sort of mood to write something similar for his own accords.  Listen to the lyrics real carefully, his jabs at himself let alone the rest of the industry is awesome.  Check out that song from the upcoming album “The Future Bites” below!



One band I’ll always suggest to people and come back to is this great tech band from Canada (MORE SHOCKING REVELATIONS!).  Ridiculously fast, heavy and wildly entertaining Widow’s Peak drew me in with their 2018 EP “Graceless”.  I’ve suggested them before but using this day to rehash a ridiculously underrated band to the masses yet again.  They hit every sweet spot for you death metal fans and doesn’t even hit the 20 minute mark!  It’s a fantastic listen and give it a shot below by listening to it through the player.  Cheers!

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