Month: January 2019

Relics Of Humanity release “Legion Of The Unbowed”

Relics Of Humanity have released another brutal single from their upcoming EP “Obscuration”.  This song is titled “Legion Of The Unbowed” with this song a really, really big nod to classic death metal bands of days gone by.  This track has a huge Suffocation influence, which I personally love. […]

Enblood- Cast To Exile

Enblood released a killer debut album last year “Cast To Exile” and have only known about this great technical death metal band since the end of 2018.  The band is from Portugal, and should be no shock as there is an absolute obnoxious plethora of hispanic bands who create […]

Desert Of The Real

Desert Of The Real is an instrumental 4 piece band that blends progressive/fusion/jazz styles all into their eclectic sound.  I found out about these guys as they randomly followed our Instagram account a while ago, and decided to do an article on these cool cats.  We got caught up […]