Desert Of The Real

Desert Of The Real is an instrumental 4 piece band that blends progressive/fusion/jazz styles all into their eclectic sound.  I found out about these guys as they randomly followed our Instagram account a while ago, and decided to do an article on these cool cats.  We got caught up for the most part with requests, so I figured I’d spread the love about this killer band and finally bang out an article.  I also just got word the guys are working on new music next month! You can go to their website to check out the few tunes they do have demoed, and better yet follow them on Instagram where they post random jam sessions!



Everything about this band is solid.  Great rhythm, sweet melodies…..and it’s heavy enough to keep some metalheads interested, to a point at least.  It’s tasteful and artsy, and I personally look forward to what the lads are bringing to the table with their new music they’re talking about.  Follow that Instagram account because it looks like they’re not super active on Facebook, but either way I’m excited for new music! Check ’em out folks!

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