Category: Prog Metal

Official Guitar Playthrough Premiere Of Manuel Barbara “The God Complex”

Instrumentalist Manuel Barbara is releasing a guitar playthrough of “The God Complex” from his latest release “Moonrise”. If you are craving something different and not like some shred happy bands in the genre, Barbara will lead you to that place. Yes he has all kinds of awesome leads […]

The Beast Of Nod- Multiversal

Melodic technical death metal space invaders The Beast Of Nod are unleashing their coolest, most complex, melodic and flat out best album in their short existence. Trust me, this makes “Vampira: Disciple Of Chaos” look like a walk in the park. First off, the concept is great with […]

Alex Weber 2020 Interview

I interviewed musical mastermind Alex Weber of Exist /Wait/Svengahli/bassist luthier/man of many trades and bands.  I’ve been too involved in work this year and this month is gonna be slow, so I’ll be able to put in more work on the site starting with this interview.  I knew he was […]