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Contiuum release another single from upcoming album “A History Denied”

So, I woke up this morning to yet ANOTHER new track from the Continuum guys! If you haven’t caught up with the technical death metal super group, you can check out the second track here.  Now that you’ve (hopefully!) heard both songs, there’s a THIRD ready for you all right now! Okay, let’s get on it! It’s another wild, techy and groovy adventure.  With every passing single, the guys increase my interest in their music.  “A History Denied” is a bit slower at times, but don’t worry the quality doesn’t suffer because at some parts they slowed down a bit!  The guitar is as good on this new track as the other two. Hot dang if these aren’t even the best tracks from “Designed Obsolescence” I’m totally gonna lose it! This is shaping up to be my favorite release of 2019 so far, in it’s early stages.  There’s plenty more to be released but Continuum is taking the cake right now.  Check out the track!

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