Month: September 2021

Hideous Divinity 2021 Interview

Hideous Divinity is coming off their recent release of “LV 426” and caught up with vocalist Enrico Di Lorenzo concerning his band and recent EP towards the end of this summer. TMR: How has the reception been on your recent EP “LV 426? Enrico: I’d say good in […]

Inferi- Vile Genesis

Melodic technical death metal up and comers Inferi released their most melodic, mature and impressive release in their short existence this past Friday September 10th. “Revenant” from 2018 is still a huge banger for me and I fell in love with last year’s EP “Of Sunless Realms”. I […]

Aborted- ManiaCult

One of extreme metal’s most consistent outfits Aborted is releasing their highly awaited album “ManiaCult” this Friday September 10th. Just like other dark horses such as Decapitated, they have never gone under the radar but felt they’ve had a bigger impact in the genre than more people would […]