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Inferi- Vile Genesis

Melodic technical death metal up and comers Inferi released their most melodic, mature and impressive release in their short existence this past Friday September 10th. “Revenant” from 2018 is still a huge banger for me and I fell in love with last year’s EP “Of Sunless Realms”. I got into the band shortly after the sophomore release “The Path Of Apotheosis” which is arguably their best effort. I enjoyed this release from the get go, but a few more spins to digest all the melodies and sections really helped me consume this album artistically speaking. The band’s complexity has been pushed every release since then between guitarists Malcom Pugh and Mike Low. They may not like the tag or relevance but Inferi has turned into the Arsis of modern technical metal. Their melodies are insanely addicting and beautiful, while keeping the heaviness of death metal with some cool complex parts. “Vile Genesis” is no album to sleep on and is their most cohesive effort with great melody, even some slower sections and huge focus on unity. There’s a ton of great bass work by Andrew Kim and even a bass lead on it to boot!

Now that the band is more than a studio project that occasionally plays shows, the band is in serious force writing some impressive music. The orchestration and keyboard sampling really drives their songs a lot further than they have a few years ago. They have found the right styles and sounds to compliment the dueling guitars of Pugh and Low. After some trial and error “Vile Genesis” truly feels like Inferi is more than comfortable with their sound yet still taking you for some cool melodic adventures. This album might be their “Master Of Puppets” for melodic tech and the genre as a whole, and that’s no lie.

Vocalist Steve Boiser has improved every release since officially joining the band after “Revenant” and his lows are even more polished than a few years ago. His higher range has been very impressive but really sounds in top shape in regards to “Vile Genesis”. The production is so smooth and silky a band with a huge sound like Inferi needs a great production. Clocking in at almost 45 minutes for 8 songs, it’s not the longest album but draws in the attention of both fellow musicians and fans alike who strive for cohesive metal.

Spencer’s drumming is so efficient and heavy you never forget he’s the glue that holds this band’s crazy parts together, He can play some wildly complex parts when needed, but he never loses the groove or takes away from the music. Overall not only does his kit sound good in the mix level wise, but his playing is equally as impressive like it always is.

Are you shocked Inferi put out one of the year’s best releases? No, of course not! If you’ve been sleeping under the rock, the band has gone on multiple headline and co headline tours with stellar technical acts. Archspire, Arkaik, Wormhole, Virvum and even some trips to Europe (another run expected next year supporting the legendary Decapitated!). They are one of the rising stars in death metal and a huge underdog and hopefully they keep riding the waves of this. They can easily become an equally as influential Arsis/Black Dahlia Murder band for the teenagers and aspiring musicians of modern metal. Some great bands like the aforementioned have carried the genre since 2000, and Inferi would look great with Allegaeon carrying the torch for melodic tech death. Stop wasting time on the internet and grab “Vile Genesis” now! I’m still waiting for my preorder, unfortunately.

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