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Mortem Obscuram- Eradication Of The Human Endeavor

One new band that has tickled my fancy is the chaotic, melodic technicality of Mortem Obscuram. Primarily composed by guitarist Dale Urban, they blend the melodic side of tech death with a little bit of the heavily layered orchestral sections to enhance said melodies. Why do I enjoy their music? The melodic guitar work, and actual groove. Let’s face it…..the website name is what it is and there’s stellar bands, but sometimes technical death metal gets a bit stale every now and then. It’s good to have a diverse palette and some bands in the genre tend to go harder than others without sacrificing critical elements. Mortem Obscuram fits that description with some super groovy riffs (Soreption on steroids with a little Cynic/TZP psychedelic sound here and there) without overcomplicating their tracks.

“Eradication Of The Human Endeavor” is a stellar debut for a band in the genre looking to stamp its name not only for fellow musicians like myself, but to fans who want that musical experience. It’s not too crazy to follow, but groovy enough to keep most people interested. Urban found a great middle grounds with his band, and is already planning a sophomore release to follow up this promising debut. I am thrilled to get the opportunity to listen to this ahead of time and boy let me tell you it’s more than worth it.

What has been released to the public hold up on their own, both songs “A Fallen Kingdom” and “Tormented Sanity” are some of the stronger standouts. Just like a fair amount of bands……it flows much better in the context of the album and appreciated the LP the longer it went on. Flawless transitions from track to track and very little if no filler songs in my opinion.

“Eradication Of The Human Endeavor” officially releases on October 15th just before Halloween. And yeah, this debut is scary good and hopefully gets the credit it deserves. I’m sure the follow up will be just as wild and ambitious as this album. Don’t forget to follow their facebook page and while you’re at it, please check ours out too for similar content and material in the scene.

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