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Aborted- ManiaCult

One of extreme metal’s most consistent outfits Aborted is releasing their highly awaited album “ManiaCult” this Friday September 10th. Just like other dark horses such as Decapitated, they have never gone under the radar but felt they’ve had a bigger impact in the genre than more people would generally admit. I became aware of the band earlier last decade and find their songwriting improves every release. “ManiaCult” is their strongest effort in the last handful of years and with occasional lineup changes, Aborted tends to stay within their boundaries and put out even better albums. They are hands down one of the best death/grind bands in the modern age and have showcased that with this album.

Aborted’s craft features heavy focus on rhythm and occasional technical excerpts keeping both fans and fellow musicians ear’s consistency occupied. “ManiaCult” is quite possibly the band’s best output of the newer Aborted LP’s. “Terrorvision” was a fun album from 2018 and that is a great adjective to stick to the name of the band. It was a fun album and they always have the coolest art and merch drops to boot. It has some good songs, but never fell too flat. The guitar and bass work is always phenomenal which perfectly compliment Sven’s gnarly set of pipes. The drumming never bores you at any point, showing how demanding the more technical side of death metal can truly be.

The band’s claim to fame hasn’t been an easy one, but they are workhorses after all. In between full length albums last decade they managed to string together some EP’s to tide everybody over. It’s honestly tough to find anything to say bad about the band, or something they can do better…..but honestly they are the cream of the crop when it comes to extreme metal. Their energy is relentless and are the perfect kick in the ass to get you going. “ManiaCult” is just a continuation of the train that is Aborted and will steamroll you into next year with this opus.

It gets pretty hard to top your previous release as a band and grow as an artist in the meantime. The band has some faster sections and write some of the heaviest grooves in death metal right now. Not only are they technically proficient but add the right amount of grooves that won’t bore anybody. Are there better bands? Maybe the greats that started death metal, as Aborted is a leader of the pack fronting the best of modern death metal post 2000.

Aborted has some serious connections and quite a reputation in death metal to get some solid production and that’s what even elevates their releases further. I have always admired their ears for when it comes to producing their albums on this side of the fence of music. To have such a loud sound, you need the crispest and freshest mixes to make sure everything stands out. Nothing is buried in “ManiaCult” except maybe your sanity when your experience is over. Everybody stands tall and Sven is leading the band front and center, like most vocalists when it comes to production. The drums are loud and engaging, with perfectly mixed double kicks and the bass making you crave more from the band. Aborted is a band that needs a clear, concise album and this is a very fair mix of their sound production wise. This is further proof it’s worth the effort and money to get better production when it comes to your band’s music.

No, you shouldn’t be shocked the band is releasing a seriously impressive slab of death metal. But what you SHOULD be impressed with is with that consistency. At this point about halfway in, some bands tend to lose steam and drop off with some subpar albums. Subpar isn’t even found and shouldn’t be anywhere near Aborted. It’s a borderline musical crime they’ve been improving every release, giving nobody a chance and dominating extreme metal. Don’t fall asleep at the wheel and pay attention to this album when it releases this Friday. This will go down as one of the best albums of the year, easily. To say I’m honored to check this monstrous album out before release day is an understatement. You will be kicking yourself in the ass if you forget about Aborted.

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