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Soreption is our September 2021 Artist Of The Month!

Soreption is our September 2021 Artist Of The Month for TMR! We highly value underdog artists here and what better than the up and coming Soreption? Just like their ex label mates Murder Made God and Ahtme, they write some of the heavier and grooviest death metal with some complexity here and there. Justin from the Zenith Passage filled in for the band on one of their last North American tours in 2019 and what a great choice to help out the groovy tech heads. I’m sure everyone following the website is very familiar with Soreption but we always have valued the underrated bands and Soreption fits that to a tee.

Post 2010 there have been some good technical death metal but Soreption hits that “Decapitated” sweet spot, without going too far overboard like Necrophagist. Possibly another modern addition to the genre as a huge influence alongside other stellar acts (Beyond Creation, Obscura and Psyroptic helping lead the charge). I think those 4 bands are the greatest examples of modern technical death metal with past great(s) like Necrophagist and Spawn of Posession easily paving the way for other great up and comers including the aforementioned. I recently found at at one point this year they had an EP in 2010 before releasing their impressive debut and sophomore albums. 2018’s “Monument Of The End” was a good addition to the Soreption catalogue at that, but didn’t hit home like the first few releases did. It was a safe album to release, never straying too far away from their original sound.

Here’s to hoping the fourth album is just as good as the rest and keep up their impressive body of work! Don’t forget to check back daily for new Soreption tunes on our page and hopefully soon we get a sneak peek at some new music!

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