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The Omnific is our August 2021 Artist Of The Month!

Who said rhythm wasn’t important in music? Well, The Omnific is one of the most original and interesting bands I have heard of in a while not named Consider The Source. They’re comprised of 100% rhythm…..two bassists and a drummer, THAT’S IT. The one player holds whatever cool melody they have, and the other pair hold down the tight rhythm(s). It’s a unique experience I don’t want to spoil for our followers and just appropriately let themselves immerse in their music.

I haven’t heard of a band do it THIS well rhythmic wise in a lot of instrumental bands and well leave it to the rhythm section to blow you away. With some keyboard arrangements, let them blast you off to the stratosphere were not enough music has gone before. Enjoy this band for all of August here at TMR and don’t forget they have a new release coming out soon titled “Escapades”!

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