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Official Premiere Of Arcane Existence’s “Enchantment”

Symphonic blackened death metal band Arcane Existence is debuting their new song “Enchantment” off of their upcoming release “Colossus” with us today! The band doesn’t take the foot off the gas for brutality, but carefully mix in some melodies on the guitar and keys crafting their unique sound. They’re wildly talented and original and appeal to a lot of metal fans of many backgrounds. As a guitarist and writer I loved the different styles, melodies and sections throughout the song and think many others will too. The singing and different keyboard/piano parts enhance those melodies and create some great contrasts with the growls and brutality, it’s a super cool song.

The band has this to say about their upcoming album:

“‘Colossus’ is a journey through a mystical land following a cult’s quest towards reaching the Colossus castle. Each song paints a different phase of the cultists’ internal conflicts of breaking through their own mind’s illusions. The lore of ‘Colossus’ is told through hauntingly angelic singing and inhumanly dynamic gutturals. Melodic piano and dramatic layers of orchestrations trace the lingering and thematic guitars that create the magical sound space. The foundation of ‘Colossus’ is driven by the ritualistically thunderous drums and rhythmic dark bass. ‘Colossus’ is an intense cultivation of Arcane Existence’s sound and represents the collaborative effort as a full band for the first time.”

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