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Consider The Source is July 2021’s Artist Of The Month!

Instrumental phenoms Consider The Source are July 2021’s Artist of The Month on our website! Without spoiling too much of their sound they are by far the coolest and most original instrumental band I have ever heard. They have a stellar following and am sure some of our followers have an understanding of who they are. For the people that haven’t heard of them, this is your chance. Towards the end of June I saw myself attend a concert (I KNOW WILD RIGHT) featuring CTS and was the 4th or 5th time seeing the trio. It gets more impressive every time out and its beyond worth the price of admission.

Without giving much away, they are such a cool band and will change your outlook on music whether you’re an artist or a fan. You can take that to the bank for sure. I won’t babble any further I’m going to keep this short and sweet. We will be sharing a song every day and are your guide for new music here at TMR!

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