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Horus “The Seth Inside” Official Track Premiere

Eastbreath Records have done it again!  One of their latest additions Horus have two songs and are premiering their first song “The Seth Inside”.  As expected from my friends its technical death metal, as that’s what the label generally promotes.  But this band is slightly different….it has more neoclassical […]


Odious Vesica Piscis Official Album Stream

Progressive metal juggernauts The Odious are streaming their upcoming monster release “Vesica Piscis” with us today and it’s a ridiculously cool album.  I had the honor to check it out before the official release day this friday June 21st.  The Odious is kind enough to give the general public it’s […]

Odyssey “The Culling” Official Song Premiere

Instrumental Progressive Metal band Odyssey is premiering their smashing new track “The Culling” with us today from their upcoming album “The Swarm”! The Washington trio is releasing this album on the 24th and this will be the final single from the upcoming album.  This progressive band composed a rather straightforward […]