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Official Inertia Premiere of “The Sacred Deer” Guitar Playthrough

Inertia has kindly filmed a wicked guitar playthrough of the track “The Sacred Deer” from their full length album Teratoma.  As if you needed more confirmation of how great Inertia really is, well here’s more insanity.  All the tapping, sweeping, and nasty riffs Kahlil provides are crammed into this 3 minute slammer. […]


Odious Vesica Piscis Official Album Stream

Progressive metal juggernauts The Odious are streaming their upcoming monster release “Vesica Piscis” with us today and it’s a ridiculously cool album.  I had the honor to check it out before the official release day this friday June 21st.  The Odious is kind enough to give the general public it’s […]