INRAIN- “Rhyme Disarray Destination” Official Song Premiere

The Indonesian attack is at it again through Eastbreath Records with a band this time called INRAIN.  Now if you’ve been paying attention, ER has been signing more technical bands and that’s what the record label looks to be focusing on.  Now, let’s shift gears to something really groovy and straightforward shall we?  I have been gifted one track titled “Rhyme Disarray Destination”.  Holy crap, it grooves. It’s a solid modern take on death metal, with the energy and emotion some bands in the genre lack sometimes.  The drumming is on point, and the vocalist just rips.  The guitar lead is melodic, and an unexpected melodic progression underneath it just to change things up.  Then, it kicks back into full gear.  I dig the track, and hope you do too. You can check out Eastbreath Records right here for all your INRAIN needs. While you’re at it check out the rest of their impressive and growing roster…..must I say the Indonesian Artisan Era? Only time will tell. Stay brutal and stay tech!




Mechanized Dirge Bass Playthrough Premiere “To Shed The Flesh Form”

Mechanized Dirge is premiering their bass playthrough for the track “To Shed The Flesh Form” today through TMR! If you didn’t know, that is the bass player of Crevassian!  Check out this wild technical death metal band on all of their pages and stay up to date on the band’s actions!


Filmed by Dark North Media: Recorded/filmed at Practice Roomz Stevenage Playthrough audio recorded, mixed and mastered by Adam C Taylor (of Everest Queen:

In Asymmetry Official Song Premiere “Edge Of Divergence”


Tech Deathers In Asymmetry are premiering their new song through our website right now, and wow we couldn’t be any more happier right now. The track is a serious shredder, with some melodic guitar leads by songwriter and shredder Victor.  The drumming is absolutely on point, as are those awesome gutturals that accompany the music.  It’s a great start for this band who just recently signed to Eastbreath Records.  Enjoy this face melting track!  Stay tech!

Brave The Waters “Above The Broken Clouds” Official Song Premiere!

Brave the Waters Promo


Brave The Waters is an Instrumental Melodic Psych/Prog Rock duo releasing their first full length “Chapter 2 Days Of Solitude” after their debut EP in 2017.  The band is premiering their laid back and atmospheric track “Above The Broken Clouds” right here, right now! This atmospheric trip will help you relax and chill the fuck out for a change with some of the wild and obnoxious music I promote.  I hope you enjoy this track and hope you support this cool band!


Rick Habeeb – Guitar
Tom Anderer – Bass


Lest We Forget- “Zero Won” Song Premiere


Lest We Forget is releasing their new single “Zero Won” today and we are streaming it for them!  LWF is a melodic progressive metal band with soaring melodies and enough odd rhythms and cool licks to keep the music nerds like myself entertained.  The 4 piece brings this new track to the prog table a wide and polished sound that can attract newcomers to rapidly expanding progressive realms.  The song is a melodic and moody composition thrown in with some great synthesizer work to enhance the great vocal melodies.  You can check out the band’s hot new song and the rest of their music at the links below.

Ash Prison- “Prophetic Automation” Song Premiere



Freshly signed Ash Prison is debuting their song “Prophetic Automation” on TMR right here right now! The guys recently partnered up with Eastbreath Records out of Indonesia to bring some wildly complex and artistic technical death metal to us earthlings! Remember me foaming at the mouth about some bands from Indonesia? Well, here’s another testament to that opinion of mine.  I hope everyone enjoys this killer track from Ash Prison! Enjoy the song and visit the band and their record label at the appropriate links! Plenty of other great bands there to distract you as well! Stay tech you fiends!





Marc Durkee “The Dark Dimension” Official Guitar Playthrough Premiere

Marc Durkee is putting out a great album on January 18th of 2019 titled “Remain In Stasis” and is premiering the guitar play through for the track “The Dark Dimension” through our site! He touches the metal side, for sure.  Marc’s true talent comes combining lots of emotion, some technicality here and there, and some great transitions between moods.  He’s a diamond in the rough, without a doubt.  You can check out his killer chops on the playthrough right below! Enjoy people of the internet!

Catalysis Self Titled EP Official Stream


Catalysis is releasing their debut self titled EP December 14th which is a total banger.  I am honored to present the world this nothing short of stellar debut EP courtesy of the kindness of Catalysis.  If you love groove and melody, you’ll really dig Catalysis.  Hope you enjoy this as much as I did. TMR has you covered yet again on another fantastic piece of music! I hope you enjoy the interview with the band that is right below here, while you’re listening to their EP!

TMR:  How did Catalysis form?

It originally started just as myself and our lead guitarist, Drew, deciding to jam for a bit of fun outwith our respective bands at the time, but then by the point that we actually got round to meeting up to jam, the bands that we were both in had just split up, so we decided to start Catalysis as our new project. We’ve had several line-up changes since then, but everyone that’s been a part of the band since it’s inception had all been a part of the local music scene with other bands.

TMR: Talk about your upcoming EP.  Do you feel you’ve grown as a band compared to when you first started?

Absolutely, I feel like the main element of growth that we’ve had is that since we became a four piece band with the members we have now, our sound has become a lot more focused. Our last EP was a showcase of a lot of different influences that various members of the band had, and I think we all feel like despite being proud of that EP, it wasn’t very concise. Since then, and without much discussion about what we wanted ‘our sound’ to be, I feel like we’ve really come into our own, which is what we want to highlight with this new release.

TMR: What shows do you have planned coming up to support the release?

We’re playing an EP launch show at Beat Generator in our home town of Dundee on December 14th alongside some local talent that we’re happy to call our friends, asides this we’re also playing shows in Perth and Dunfermline on December 1st and 2nd respectively, though these aren’t in support of the new EP, I feel like they’ll help to generate a bit of excitement around what we’re up to at that time.

TMR:  Go into detail about working with Mendel and how you hooked up.  His solo work is spectacular, let alone what he has done in Aborted.  What was your experience like letting him mix your EP? 

Working with Mendel has been a great experience, and surprisingly smooth sailing as well given that all communication with him has been online due to him being in the Netherlands. I think I speak for everyone in the band in saying that none of us have been a part of a release that sounds as good as this one in regards to the actual mix and production, and any comments that any of us had about any element of the mix for the EP, Mendel was always happy to revise what he’d done and make sure that we were as happy as we could be with it, and I know we’re all over the moon with how its turned out. All credit goes to Drew for getting us hooked up with him as well, he’s the one that reached out to him after seeing that he offers mixing services to bands, and Drew’s the one that kept us all in the loop with what Mendel was doing as well.

TMR: How did everyone get into music? And did you think you would be doing it professionally rather than just for fun?

I think we’re all people who have felt a massive impact from music in their lives, and like I said earlier, we’ve all been a part of bands prior to Catalysis, especially our vocalist/bassist, Col, he’s been active in Dundee bands since the early 2000s. I’d say that we’re all quite driven people, and as lame as it may sound I think we all view music as one of the driving forces in our lives, so an interest in playing music just came naturally. We’re all aware of how hard an industry the music business can be to get into, so the way that we all view it is that Catalysis is something that is fun for us and is something that we can use as a form of expression more than anything else, cause we’re not under any impression that we’re going to become massive rock stars or anything like that, but we figured that we might as well do as much as we can with this band, and achieve as much as we can that we can all be proud of.

TMR: What new releases are you guys looking forward to?

Seeing as we’re almost at the end of 2018 now, upcoming releases is a bit of a tough one, but there are quite a few releases from this year that we’ve enjoyed, some examples being TerrorVision by Aborted, Overtures of Blasphemy by Deicide, As The Kingdom Drowns by Psycroptic, Catharsis by Machine Head and the self titled release from Jungle Rot. We all have varied music tastes, so I know that everyone in the band would have a lot of other albums they’d want to say so these are just a few releases that I know more than one of us has really enjoyed. Personally I think that 2018 has seen a lot of really stellar albums being released, I could go on for a while about that haha!

TMR: How did the writing for the EP go? Did you have songs planned from the past or were there fresh ideas? Explain how your band writes.

The way that we generally tend to write is that Drew or Sean will come up with a few riffs or even a whole song on guitar, and then present it to myself and Col. From there I’ll start writing my parts, and if it’s just been a riff or two that’s been shown to us then as a band we’ll write the rest of the song, or if someone brings a whole song to the table, we’ll usually give it a few tweaks based on how everyone feels about it. We’re not really into just jamming out at practices or anything like that, because improvisation isn’t always our strongest point, and we write our best music when we all have time to sit with what someone has written, and add our own elements to it. I think by writing like this, we are able to write quickly, while keeping the ideas and quality consistent. We’re actually already a considerable way through writing the follow-up to the EP


TMR: What 5 band’s discographies would you choose to accompany you on a 5 hour road trip?

This is a tricky one because of how different everyone’s music tastes are, so I don’t doubt this would cause some arguments, haha! Though I’d say that Machine Head, Chimaira, Sylosis, Dyscarnate and Wintersun would be 5 bands that might keep everyone happy.

TMR: What interests you guys outside of Catalysis? Any other bands you guys are part of, as well?

Drew’s the only one of us that’s a part of any other projects at the moment, he’s in a punk band called Overdose with his dad as well as this band. I know I’d like to be part of something else as well, something a bit less in your face and more progressive rock oriented, most likely. Sean has his YouTube channel where he reviews guitar gear and does covers of songs from bands that he’s into as well, so folk with an interest in that kind of thing should definitely go and check out his channel. Outside of other musical endeavours, Sean and Col are both married and have kids, so I know that quality time with their families is really important to them. We’re all fans of going to gigs as well, whether they’re local shows where we get to see some of the bands that we’ve become friends with over the years, or going to see bigger bands that we love.

  1. Nothing Left 

2. Cleansed

3.  Deadline

4. The Other Side

5. Fallen

Promo 3

Astrolabe The Hermit, The Fool And The Hanged Man Official EP Stream!


Psychedelic Prog Rockers Astrolabe are releasing their upcoming EP “The Hermit, The Fool and The Hanged Man” December 7th.  I have the official stream right here for you guys a few days before it’s release! Marco Minneman recorded the drums for Astrolabe on this EP that brings it to a totally new level. It’s a wild trip through all three songs, all obviously based off tarot cards.  Enjoy this great band and their upcoming offering!

TMR: What’s the meaning behind the name Astrolabe? How did the band form?

Well the Astrolabe is this very ancient piece of equipment that was priorly used to guide yourself with help of the stars and planets. If you were lost at the middle of the sea on the 18th century the stars always showed you your relative position and presumably direction with the help of this instrument. At the time I saw an Astrolabe for the first time, it was on England’s British Museum, and I was in a point of my life that I really felt lost and jaded. When I saw it I realized there were many things in life I still didn’t know, maybe there was some treasure still to be found. So this element really stuck with me, this time this machine worked backwards, it became a sort of a guiding star, so to speak.

The band formed almost two and a half years after this incident, I knew I wanted to make music, so at age 20 I decided to lock myself in a room for a looooong time trying to come up with something different, learning how to play guitar and keys, also singing. When I turned 22 life itself made all the introductions, I wanted to make a band so I began scouting and one day in a Tool cover concert, right around the corner from my house, I met Jim López who already was a great base player. I showed him some of the ideas I had, he really liked them so for the next month we began playing with these. I tried to contact some nationally well known drummers but some had many projects or just didn’t know me. After 15 possible drummers I put an ad on a music equipment page on Facebook and 20 minutes later Cesar Rodas from Symbolic says he’s interested! We began rehearsing that week and it all worked out from then on.

TMR: How did you score the opportunity to have Marco Minneman record drums for your EP? Walk me through this once in a lifetime opportunity!

I’m not even sure myself at this point, I’m very proud about the fact that I try a lot different avenues and I’m very driven but in this case I’m humbled by the fact that it was a lot of luck and good timing and maybe some sort of good willing entity! I found a way to contact him around June of this year, sent him our latest album, told him about the ideas we had and the band and after talking for some days, and then we began scheduling dates to record with him as a guest drummer around July 2018. I cannot stress enough on how professional, neat and proactive this man is. I’m still amazed by it.

TMR: How and why did tarot cards influence your upcoming EP? Describe the lyrics and themes of it all.

The Tarot theme began with the previous record and it felt almost intuitive to keep it around a little longer. There’s a correlation between the meaning of each card and the songs composition as well as in the lyrics. On the Hermit it’s pushed a little bit further: lyrics somehow depict a journey, different phases of a life long evolution, all presented in an ambiguous way like cards and their premonitions would be read when someone is reading your future. All three cards depict different processes of a person’s life that somehow never end, because right when you think you are as wise as a Hermit, you realize – hopefully- that your still the Fool. The Hermit, in our story at least, is a form of death of some sorts of a former self into another metaphysical incarnation. That is why the album ends in a way that allows it to begin a knew like a wave following another.

TMR: Any shows coming up supporting your upcoming release?

Yes, we are at the moment looking at the possibility of playing mainly in Europe on 2019!

TMR: How is it different compared to your previous release?

While we were touring for Shock of the New I began to feel the urge to do something completely different and… Literally fun. That was my main drive, do something that’s fun to listen to as to play it all the way. And these three songs I had been playing with seemed to hold this quality.
This album is in many ways more mature, it has the blend of what we have learned while touring, it represents the person’s we are becoming now. And the presence of having Marco on the record made us to really push ourselves into growing even more. It’s pretty spontaneous, violent and honest from my perspective.

TMR: How did the band get into music? What bands and artists got you going?

We all lived our whole lives around music, our families were already huge music lovers.
In my case one of my uncles, huge influence on my childhood, had around 3000 records in cassette, vinyl and CDs…BEFORE THE INTERNET. At some point I began to think that my family accidentally raised me to love music more than anything.

Some of the bands that got us going were Opeth, Genesis, Mastodon, Steve Hackett, Spinnetta, Steven Wilson and, in some way, Tame Impala.

TMR: What were some of your favorite releases of 2018?

Some of the most interesting records I heard this year where The Sea Within debut album and Haken’s “Vector”. The only record I think I’m looking forward to at the moment is Dream Theater, I’m a fan for life (Systematic chaos was the first record I bought on what the elderly used to call “music stores” ) . I have some hopes on this one.

TMR: Describe the writing process for Astrolabe.

Well, it begins with coming up with some weird cool sounding riffs, try to keep them as complicated and juicy as possible. Then having them in such organized way, and under extreme quality standards, that everything is neatly tied together without any layer of fat between the riffs. Then we begin to add vocals and synths. The longest process is actually making sure that everything is complementary and that there’s only but great riffs, in our opinion, on the song.

TMR: What is everyone’s favorite piece of gear they own? And what do you want?

I love my Schecter Flying V-1, however this record I used a Gibson Les Paul and I’m hooked, it’s just the shape and sound I need so maybe a Les Paul or a 24 fret PRS guitar I saw on a music shop in London a few weeks ago. As for Jim, he is so obsessed with his new Ibanez Multiscale Bass, he only uses it when playing or recording with Astrolabe.

The Hermit, The Fool And The Hanged Man:
1. The Fool
2. The Hanged Man
3. The Hermit

Astrolabe is:

Victor Osorio Jule- Guitars And Vocals
Jim Lopez- Bass
Cesar Rodas- Synth And Keys

Marco Minneman- Drums

  1. The Fool

2. The Hanged Man

3. The Hermit

Anomos The Cult Of Pandora Official EP Stream


Aonomos is a great groove metal band with some death metal influences here and there from Edinburgh.  “The Cult Of Pandora” is coming out December 3rd, with the band playing a release show on November 24th right before it’s release day.  If you like a little Mastodon technicality mixed in with some speed and occasional Meshuggah groove Anomos will make you all warm inside that body of yours.  There is also plenty of guitar melody that is slightly reminiscent of the 1990’s melodic death metal movement in Sweden.  Check out the EP right below and see for yourself!


The Cult Of Pandora

1. Imps

 2. The Cult Of Pandora

3. Steel Of A Martyr

4. Pinion Ether 


 The Cult Of Pandora

 Steel Of A Martyr

 Pinion Ether


Vocals: Tam Taylor

Guitar: Fraser McLeish

Bass/Vocals: Rob Iredale

Guitar/Vocals: Cal McKinlay

Drums: David Taylor

Anomos 26012018 gig