TakaLaiton Official Guitar Playthrough Premiere Of “Rip N’ Burn”

TakaLaiton hails from the far north, in the cold winter regions of Finland. Garnering a powerful thrash-influenced attitude, TakaLaiton is best seen in their super-energetic live shows; always leaving fans with a sore neck and bruises from the mosh pit. With a risk-taking thrash fueled demeanor, TakaLaiton superbly blends fast-paced energy, bone-crushing groove, with melodies that can only be inspired by the dark, depressing and frigid far-north. Not to mention the band’s lyrical onslaught, containing both Finnish and English languages.The band has covered a lot of territory while on tour, bringing their rowdy stage presence to the Scandinavian regions, and the European and Asian continents. TakaLaiton has a “break the rules, exceed all limits” approach, as their name suggests;deriving from a Finnish baseball term for “swing the ball over the borders”. With that fierce frame of mind, the band has recently won “Heavy Metal Heart 11” a National Music Contest in Finland; and is currently finished working on a full-length album that will be Produced by Teemu Aalto (Omnium Gatherum, Insomnium).

This guitar playthrough is intriguing to me. It’s shot in a……sauna. Yes, a sauna. It’s literally hot and heavy. Check out the unique experience below and don’t forget to listen to their new album “Mindinfection”!

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