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Fuming Mouth is our October 2023 Artist Of The Month!

Death metal band Fuming Mouth is our October 2023 Featured Artist Of The Month! I loved their 2019 album “The Grand Descent” and was recently reminded of the band this year. They went on an amazing tour with Phobophilic and Terror supporting The Black Dahlia Murder earlier this year. Fuming Mouth put on one heck of a live show and reignited my interest in the band, reminding myself they exist. With all due respect, there’s’ so many newer bands it is honestly pretty tough to keep tabs on everybody all at once.

The band recently announced they are releasing an upcoming album titled “Last Day Of Sun” scheduled to release on November 3rd. I am heavily anticipating this album with the plethora of solid releases we have been lucky enough to check out in 2023. This should be on the radar for anyone who enjoys Swedish styled death metal (ala Entombed) with a little punk sprinkled in.

If you don’t know who Fuming Mouth is, this is a great opportunity to check out a different song daily from the band’s library. Don’t do the work when we can do it for you here at TMR! Let’s give this solid band the traffic they deserve!

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