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Linus Klausenitzer- Tulpa

Bass phenom Linus Klausenitzer is releasing his debut solo album this Friday October 6th “Tulpa”. He brought on some guest musicians to help out from various bands to help perform some parts. Inspired by the German book “Die Sphinx” (1873) from Emil Besetzny, “Tulpa” takes listeners on a musical odyssey through time, exploring the story of an Austrian lord’s attempt to create artificial humans through the ancient art of alchemy.

Each song on the album delves into one of these intriguing beings. From the cunning and political prowess of the ‘King’, to the divine messages delivered by the ‘Seraph’, and the evil presence of the ‘Red Ghost’, each character is brought to life through the sounds of melodic and progressive metal.

This album showcases Klausenitzer’s versatility as a musician and composer, featuring a blend of technical playing and catchy hooks that will captivate listeners from start to finish. Mostly known for playing complex music, he aimed to make this album a collection of accessible and approachable songs. Bassist Linus Klausenitzer’s signature 6-string fretless bass sound remains prominently featured, providing a strong foundation for each composition. The album takes the listener on a wild ride through complex musical landscapes, each track building upon the last.

Klausenitzer is an immensely talented musician as this solo album proves it. He’s been one of my favorite bassists in all genres of music. I also got a chance to interview him in 2019. The man has been incredibly busy lately working on this album and the newest Alkaloid, on top of Obsidious since his departure from Obscura a few years ago.

This album presents a few different musical faces: a little technical, a little progressive and even some catchy moments. There’s a lot of melody as well when there’s not some ripping guitar solos. It has elements that can please any metalhead and is honestly a nice debut for his solo material. It definitely impressed me with such a nice balanced sound. That also begs the question….does a world class musician and bassist in Linus NEED to impress anyone? He’s such a stellar artist with a nice resume that he doesn’t have much, if anything left to prove.

That all star cast mentioned earlier includes past and present members of his band Obsidious, Annihilator, Tryptykon and Helloween. This album releases Friday and shouldn’t go unnoticed. Check out this effort when it is out you won’t be disappointed.

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