KC Brand of The Odious Construct debut “Vortex Of Self” Drum Playthrough

The Odious Construct’s Drummer KC Brand has released a drum playthrough of “Vortex Of Self” from their killer EP Shrine Of The Obscene.  I have been into this band since their debut album, and wow SOO made it onto Dave’s ever so expanding best of list.  The playthrough is physical evidence of how good my homeboy is on drums, and is another testament to their improving sound and talents with their second EP.  Y’all wanna get familiar with these cats if you’re into symphonic melodic technical death metal (A MOUTHFUL I KNOW).  They just rip really hard, and Brand proves it…..yet again.  Check out the video below and bang your head!

Human Delusion- Depravity


Human Delusion have released their Melodic Death Metal opus “Depravity” a few weeks ago and it’s a pretty solid debut.  The guys rebranded under thew new name who were previously known as Primal Scream Therapy.  What I like is the band’s diversity to stick away from the norm of Melodic Death Metal…..their sound is more varied than some bands in the genre.  Like any genre, the music tends to get repetitive (it’s bound to happen anywhere) but the band draws you in and keeps you interested.


Tyler Minski -Vocals, Guitar
Kyle Hammer- Guitar
Derek Sloppy- Drums
Jake Van Hooser- Bass Guitar




Tyler’s voice is very impressive leading with a consistent mid range guttural.  The band is pretty heavy without a doubt.  The guitarists are very raw, straightforward and to the point.  They have mixed in some good guitar solos, with some dual harmonies here and there (to the point they’re tasty, and not overdone). I think it’s worth saying Derek holds his own on drums with the band’s varying speeds it can’t be easy switching on and off constantly.  “Depravity” is a solid start for Human Delusion and look forward to better things from them on their next release(s).  You can check out the album right here.


Structural- Metacognition


Holy crap do I have a serious treat for you all courtesy of Melodic Technical Death Metal virtuosos Structural! I really dig the band’s sound because (unless you’re Arsis or Inferi) it’s awfully tough to add solid melody when you’re a technical death metal band……and Structural have achieved just that.  Shani and Tamir have a wild chemistry on guitar….it’s absolutely mind blowing.  While they are well versed, the riffs are very raw and diverse for the technical scene at least.  But their leads are very melodic and emotional, something you don’t see enough in technical music.  Generally, it’s quicker guitar leads and material that’s pretty tough to play…..in this case, its very emotional and real.  Let’s be honest for a moment here, as much as I dig the genre occasionally it gets robotic and Structural is anything but that!


Vocals – Nadav Zaidman
Guitars – Shani Buchbi
Guitars – Tamir Vered
Drums – Vadim Sergyenko
Now let me dive into the realms of the band’s vocalist Nadav……what a great range of gutturals! His voice is very captivating and consistent, with some occasional highs here and there.  For the most part his energetic and passionate voice sticks to the lower end.  Vadim’s drumming is equally as impressive, holding some some solid mid tempos but can play some pretty quick parts with ease. Structural can groove as well as any metal band, don’t be fooled because they can play pretty quick as well…..there’s lots of solid foot tapping grooves everywhere! This monster album has been out since June of 2018 and I highly recommend you pick this up.  Go to their band camp and pick up the album, or you can acquire it through the Apple realms as well and on streaming services.

Blood And Thunder- The Necromancers Cantos


Blood and Thunder (inspiration from Mastodon, I’m going to ignorantly assume who I love) is a killer melodic death metal band who released their latest EP this past November “The Necromancers Cantos”.  Blood thirsty bears, naked women with green hair…..pretty gnarly right? Time to focus on the music, I don’t want to know where your messed up minds are gonna go so let’s stay on topic.  These guys drew me in with a polished, heavy and obviously very melodic sound.  The keyboards are used so intelligently and swiftly where it occasionally harmonizes with the guitar on some leads. It isn’t cheesy in the sense of it’s super up front like a terrible 80’s band,  the synth and keyboard are in the RIGHT spots on the EP.  Yes, there are parts where it’s the leading melody in sections occasionally but it isn’t overused.



Ryan Yancey – Drums / Vocals

Nick Hughes – Bass

Damian Boger- Keyboards

Major Bruno- Guitar

Michael Anthony- Guitar

Oh, and as you can see their drummer is their vocalist….which is not easy to do, by the way.  How cool is THAT? The guitar tandem of Bruno and Anthony is dynamic and have well written parts.  I already touched on the synthesizer and keyboard talent of Damian, but Ryan seems to be the gravy on the mashed potatoes.  His voice has a nice range of a low enough guttural, and those higher growls you tend to hear in melodic death metal.  His drumming is equally as impressive, to boot.  The guys have already opened up for stellar acts such as Amorphous, Dark Tranquility, Moonspell and Omnium Gatherum (by the way that was all in one show!).  You can also add Koorpiklani, Ensiferum and Becoming The Archetype to that list as well.  Don’t worry, they’ve also headlined plenty of shows in their existence which is just reaching over a decade since they started the machine in 2008.

If you’re into melodic death metal, with a bit more melody and harmony than usual Blood and Thunder will fit that to a tee.  “The Necromancers Cantos” is a solid EP with lots of energy and is pretty heavy as well.   The Seattle based band is just another testament to the Midwest and Northwest metal explosion of some great newer bands. Check out the EP just about anywhere on any streaming platform or digitally.



Berantai- Worldly As Revenge


I have been talking up some bands from the Indonesian parts of the world, and another solid undiscovered tech death gem from around the world Berantai is oh so good.  I have recently made friends with a record label from the country, and am impressed with the bands they’re building up on their label Eastbreath Records.  These guys however are independent and impressively have a solid online following.  Berantai adds some cool melodies, and sweet bass tapping to their wild influx of sounds. They’re not too over the top like the tech godfathers, and hold solid rhythms.  The vocals are pretty consistent and a nice mid range that many metalheads will appreciate rather than a vocalist who is all over the place.  The first track from “Worldly As Revenge” really grabs your attention, and the second song “District Of War” keeps the tech train a’ rollin’.  The guitar work is incredible, to say the least.  The drumming is really solid and keeps a great groove impressively, in a technically demanding genre.

Berantai is in the unfortunate state of a country and region that has its heart in the right place that loves extreme music, but so many people in the rest of our planet don’t generally associate the country with metal.  I’m seeing that more and more, and want to help that country out because there are other parts of the world (YES EVEN SMALL COUNTRIES!) that pump out amazing music.  North America and the larger countries in Europe produce countless bands, but there’s other continents and countries that do as well.  Don’t sleep on Indonesia! Or Asian metal, in general.  Give these lads a chance and open your ears! I hope you enjoy the tracks as much as I did!





Dave’s Best of 2018 Awards!

Hello folks! I am back with my second “Best Of” Awards article…..but with more sections to spice things up. Newcomer Vick wrote hers and I’m here with my valued or unvalued opinion with some possible bias. The numbers aren’t important in my article I DO NOT RANK I just list my favorite albums. I’m going to apologize right meow as I have a lot of categories if it’s too long…..but then again its for a full year and there were lots of GREAT releases and new bands starting up that should be put to the forefront.  I hope you enjoy the new categories too.  Let’s get it on!


Up and Coming Bands

Inanimate Existence– Artisan Era (my favorite label) tech/prog death metal powerhouses released a great album “Underneath A Melting Sky” in 2017 and Guitarist Cameron Porras’ songwriting and playing only gets better every release.  The guys work great as a cohesive three piece band.  If they get put on the Summer Sumerian/Slaughter/Summer’s Disappointment tour or a big festival like Download/Hellfest/Graspop they would kick the shit out of the same pop metal bands that have graced some of those stages.  I have a lot of faith in this band and are vastly underrated.  Keep an eye on the IE dudes.

Dischordia– Oklahoma dissonant/tech/progressive death metallers released a great EP that is the most experimental and original thing I have heard in a bit in the genre.  It’s becoming blatantly obvious how much I love the different experiments some death metal bands are doing.  If a genre stays stagnant…..are you really making any progression? Does one ALWAYS have to abide by the rules and stereotype of a genre? NO! As artists, we hate feeling creatively suffocated (so to say) to a label and want to write what we want and how we want! Dischordia just keeps pushing that envelope and their crazy 2 song 24 minute EP “Binge/Purge” really surprised me.  Earlier this year I heard the guys and it blew my mind.  Ukulele, Flute, Mandolin and other various instruments are included in their latest release.  Also, there is a plethora of  heavy influence of dissonance and cool rhythms the trio has come up with.  Every release Dischordia’s sound and songwriting has progressed “Binge/Purge” has really helped push their experimentation to the forefront.  Keep an eye on them as well.  Below is my article of the EP stream through Decibel Magazine to get your Dischordia on!

Dischordia- Binge/Purge EP stream via Decibel Magazine

Burial In The Sky– Another great up and coming band that’s helping break that stereotypical extreme metal sound.  Why do I dig this band a lot? Their latest album “Creatio Et Hominus” includes a lot of saxophone! The band also has hits of psychadelic rock sprinkled throughout the album.  BITS has been pushing progressive death metal’s boundaries as well.  Their first few offerings were more straightforward but got real experimental with the album. They’re a young and promising band who you need to look out for. Originality and talent can make for a promising career….and I hope Burial In the Sky achieves everything they want to because they deserve it.

Burial In The Sky April 2018 Interview


  1. Mordant Rapture- The Abnegation
  2. Carnal Decay- When Push Comes To Shove
  3. Dischordia- Binge/Purge
  4. Widow’s Peak- Graceless
  5. Infinitee- The Possibilities Are Endless
  6. I Am Destruction- Violence Devours
  7. Between The Buried And Me- Automata 1
  8. Divine Realm- Nordicity
  9. Leprous- Golden Prayers (Single)
  10. Cynic- Humanoid (Single)
  11. Between The Buried And Me- Automata 2
  12. The Odious Construct- Shrine Of The Obscene
  13. Godless- Swarm
  14. Oppressor God- Mechanical Manslaughter
  15. Promethean- The Nameless Colour
  16. Weaponex- In The Nick Of Time
  17. Infinite Nomad- Luminous Throat
  18. Catalysis- Catalysis
  19. Astrolabe- The Hermit, The Fool, The Hanged Man
  20. Crevassian- Crevassian
  21. Fawn Limbs- Thrum
  22. Ash prison- Prophetic Automation


  1. Oubliette- The Passage
  2. Aethereus- Absentia
  3. Obscura- Diluvium
  4. Jollymon- Voidwalker
  5. Lago- Sea Of Duress
  6. Xenosis- Devour And Birth
  7. The Beast Of Nod- Vampire: Disciples Of Chaos
  8. AHTME- Sewerborn
  9. Burial In The Sky- Creatio Et Hominus
  10. Unflesh- Savior
  11. Alkaloid- Liquid Anatomy
  12. The Slyde- Awakening
  13. At The Gates- To Drink From The Night Itself
  14. Skinless- Savagery
  15. Galactic Empire- Episode Two
  16. ISA- Chimera
  17. Ingested- The Level Above Human
  18. Inferi- Revenant
  19. Aepoch- Awakening Inception
  20. Slugdge- Esoteric Malacology
  21. Augury- Illusive Golden Age
  22. Rivers Of Nihil- Where Owls Know My Name
  23. Montheist- Scourge
  24. Alterbeast- Feast
  25. Decrescent- Blackened Bequest
  26. Forever In Transit- States Of Disconnection
  27. Pestilence- Hadeon
  28. Into The Great Divide- Into The Great Divide
  29. Aviations- The Light Years
  30. Soreption- Monument Of The End
  31. Exocrine- Molten Giant
  32. Trigger- The Harbor
  33. Serocs- Phobos/Deimos Suite
  34. Cognitive- Matricide
  35. Haken- Vector
  36. Gorod- Aethra
  37. Internal Bleeding- Corrupting Influence
  38. The Ocean- Phanerozoic 1: Palaeozoic
  39. Neptunus- Alien Conspiracy
  40. Torturous Inception- Arcane Dominion
  41. Dysmorphic- An Illusive Progress
  42. Inertia- Teratoma
  43. Kraanium- Slamchosis
  44. Sarah Longfield- Disparity
  45. Psycroptic- As The Kingdom Drowns
  46. Arsis- Visitant
  47. Halothane- A False Reality
  48. Zac Leaser- Redeemer
  49. Gourmand- Blossoming From The Grave
  50. Tesseract- Sonder

Best Independent Bands

  1. Aepoch
  2. Unflesh
  3. Dischordia
  4. Xenosis
  5. Promethean
  6. Bleak flesh
  7. Gourmand

What releases I’m looking forward to in 2019

  1. Bleak Flesh
  2. Promethean
  3. Inanimate Existence
  4. Black Crown Initiate
  5. The Haarp Machine
  6. Opeth (maybe a single? Just…maybe?)
  7. Animals As Leaders
  8. Mastodon
  9. Scar Symmetry
  10. Aepoch (maybe?)
  11. Abbath (maybe?)
  12. Anabasis already won the best local release of 2019 already unless something changes my mind. If you supported the Syracuse band’s campaign, you would have received a digital download of their upcoming album “Of Conviction” due out officially in January.  If you want to grab a cd or some merchandise to help out the lads on their debut full length, go ahead and do so right here.
  13. Turning Virtue
  14. The Tao Of Davey K
  15. Fire Garden
  16. Continuum
  17. Desecravity
  18. Allegaeon
  19. Divinex
  20. Disentomb
  21. Fields Of Elysium (I hope!)
  22. Godeater
  23. Blasteroid
  24. A Novelist
  25. Contrarian
  26. The Zenith Passage
  27. Fractal Universe
  28. Organectomy
  29. Arkaik
  30. The Ocean
  31. Oblivion
  32. Devin Townsend
  33. Equipoise
  34. The Ritual Aura

Personal Favorite Music Industry Trends of 2018

  1. Increasing number of bands doing as much as they can independently. Record labels are becoming bigger blood suckers. Props to the increasing number of musicians going this route, also really great for more income coming back their way.
  2. More instrumental bands! I love seeing instrumental bands! Not every band needs a vocalist, or music needs a singer….the music can sing on its own.  Remember classical music? It was instrumental, then opera singers came along.  It’s just good to change it up….ya know, like Divinex or The Surrealist.
  3. The Artisan Era signing so many killer bands that are only strengthening their roster that has been a label since 2014.  A grassroots label run by guys in bands ON THAT LABEL there’s no suits involved….a label made by musicians, run by musicians, for musicians.  How can you not love the rise of The Artisan Era? OKAY, maybe if you don’t like or appreciate technical death metal and instrumental bands I guess I could see it.  How many did they add in 2018? Like 10 bands? But….10 GREAT BANDS.

Best TMR Moments of 2018

  1.  That wild voting race for the website’s May artist of the month….who remembers? And, who voted? That was fun!
  2. Getting a handful or more of EP, song and video premieres throughout the website’s first 10-ish months of being online.  Hard work pays off, promote yourself and your work….make connections.  I’m grateful for the friendships and opportunities I have been given in the short time Technical Music Review has been online.  I’m equally as humbled for all the music I have received through many sources. Being a musician and music freak I have learned of so many solid bands through this short journey.  And to boot, I also premiered a few playthroughs as well….the musician in me absolutely enjoyed them!
  3. Becoming the Prime Minster of Indonesia.  Not really, but seriously though their music scene is very killer and uncovered.  I discovered a few bands towards the end of the year from there and developing a growing interest in that country’s metal scene.  I’m buddy-buddy with a small record label from there and a band from said label.  It’s a tech driven country with plenty of death metal bands too.  Check out a few of their bands right here.


Yeah there are always letdowns it’s a big part of life.  Let me dive into some from 2018.

  1. Machine Head’s shitty album Catharsis.  This album was so bad, it forced two of it’s long time members to quit.  Now you’re talking about someone who has been a big fan of Machine Head since I got into them during the Ashes Of Empires era.  Besides The Burning Red and Supercharger I loved this band.  I’m more Conservative than anything, and even with their Liberal lyrics I still appreciate their emotion opinions and stellar musicianship.  I get it, most musicians are Democrats or Liberal to an extent.  Rob Flynn has had a solid career as a musician but the last few years have gotten bad and leading up to Catharsis (to me at least) was a totally different band.  It’s like his songwriting was uninspired and teenager like (random lyrics about sex, drug use, and not to mention bringing back nu metal to the band sound) for a band that has put out much deeper sets of lyrics.  I try to get in bed with the album, and every time I have to leave.  “Is There Anybody Out There?” was an absolutely awful song and a rant most likely about Phil Anselmo.  I had a bad feeling if their upcoming album was going to be like this song, it was going to be rough….and in my eyes I think it was.  I thought when Robb posted the acoustic set of “Bastards” I envisioned it as another rant and spur of the moment song venting frustration….I DID NOT EXPECT IT TO BE A MACHINE HEAD SONG! Voilatile is a good song musically, but when I heard he admitted he wrote the lyrics after the Charlotteville attacks was even more sketchy.  As soon as a big event happens, you decide to write song lyrics about it…..and bitch about politics again. How, original.  Let’s see if the band is done forever, or he can pull more rabbits out of his ass like he did for Ashes Of Empires and arguably the band’s greatest effort The Blackening. Oh, and the whole band costume thing is kinda gay…..like KISS gay.
  2. Threatin.  Yeah that shit was rough too.  Great for the guy he self booked and funded a European tour for his music, but feel bad for the poor bastards that temporarily took part in this shitshow.  Nobody bought the guy’s merchandise or even went to the shows.  I feel just as bad for the bands that opened up for the few shows Threatin played.  Just an absolute embarrassment all around.  To play devil’s advocate, it is pretty impressive logistically how the guy pulled this thing off financially and got artists to play his music (well for a few shows at least).  Disappointing to say the least but was there any stigma at all when he booked? Was it his fucked up masterplan that was to create a huge online presence (after he bought many Facebook likes) and promote himself? We won’t really know…or will we?
  3. Unique Leader Records and their fuckery.  COME AT ME BRO! It’s true, and their ever-growing laundry list of bands that have left the label is just insane.  They keep signing so many bands to the point they’re overloading their roster and also possibly ignoring bands.  Death metal made that label, modern metal bands are filling up their roster and the number of bands on the record label is sky rocketing unlike The Challenger.  With the unfortunate passing of label founder Erik Lindmark (Deeds of Flesh), other label coworkers took over the work in Erik’s absence.  It took them over a month to put some of their releases on Bandcamp, and kept making excuses (when it doesn’t take long) why they haven’t yet.  They recently signed another band, and I mentioned it again on their facebook announcement of another generic death core band.  They ignored and asked me if I listened to that band yet and said they should promote the bands on their label already instead of adding more.  They immediately took down their comment on their facebook page, trying to divert my attention from my comment and they failed….like they’re failing Erik who’s currently rolling over in his grave.  AND GET THIS…..they’re currently running a contest to buy one of their albums on their band camp website, and you’re then entered to WIN A CHANCE TO OWN THEIR ENTIRE LIBRARY OF MUSIC! Doesn’t that reek of even more desperation?  This shit is fishy as fuck metalheads. While they may house some great bands, shame on Unique Leader for their unprofessional fuckery and ignorance.  Shit like this is why more bands go independent.

Darkest Horizon December 2018 Interview



Darkest Horizon is fresh off a European tour with the legendary WINTERSUN, a killer new album and also just partnered up with my promo friends in India Proximity Productions! This band is off to a great start, and will do you well if you’re into that epic melodic death metal sound.  Check out my interview with the lads right below!

TMR: Tell me how Darkest Horizon was formed and what influenced the band name.

Darkest Horizon was “founded” in 2008 with one old friend Till (He’s now playing in Precipitation) and me (Olli). We had an idea for making old school Melodic Death Metal combined with catchy melodies and epic backround layers, so we got Chris as an talendet Main Songwriter. We worked together in a cool and relaxed way. We had like different drummers, bassplayers and a rhythm guitarist till 2010. So during that time we had to pick up musicians who fitted perfectly in our band. I think it was back in 2009, when I called Jonas for joining us as a bass player, the funfact was,that he wasn’t a bass player, he was an talented guitar techaer at this time, but he took it good like always, “Okay… then I think I have to buy me a bass”. So during 2010 we had a stable band (yes… we thought that at that point), 5 songs and were ready for some recordings. So we hit the Empire Studios under the direction from Rolf Munkes ( he’s working with bands and artists like Michael Schenker, Crematory, Bülent Ceylan and Labels like Nuclear Blast, EMI, Sony etc. ) During this process our old drummer Massimo Sardo left the band, because he had other plans in live, so I had to sample and play some drum passages for the record… me… as a guitarist. And after the recordings our session guitarist Kevin wanted to focus more on his projects and left the band. The funny thing was, on the same day, Daniel called me and told me that he has listened to our unpublished material and was blown away and if we need a fill in guitarist we should call him first. So I said to him that  we won’t call him for this, because we want him as a proper member and he should come to the next rehearsal. I´ve known him for years, I´ve played with him in some bands before and he fits like the fist on the eye to Darkest Horizon. He was laughing and said of course he will join us and now we’re here. So during 2011 we prepared our live set up and the first shows and festivals came up and we decided to get Darkest Horizon to a professional band. The influence is quite intereseting because everybody is listening to different styles of music. Chris is making our main inlfuence beside our personal ones.  Jonas is more the new metal guy, Daniel is more on Oldschool Melodic/Death, Pagan and Black Metal, Enis has the melodic death taste, same like me and Chris got the Epic stuff.

TMR: You guys recently opened up for the legendary Wintersun! How did that go? 

That was funny as well. I recived a “What’s up” from Teemu if I´ve checked my e-mails and if we want to do this. I had no idea what it was. When I´ve checked my e-mails, I saw the invite for all the request shows and I thought we will definitly do this. So I got the green light from the other band members at the same day that we’ll supporting these guys. 

I know Teemu in person since the Paganfest Tour in 2015 and met him for some guitar lessons in Helsinki as well. He´s a cool guy and during the Shows we all figgured out that we fit perfectly togehter, in person and from the music. These shows been the easiest and best we ever had, because everybody knows how to do it the professional way. Especally the hangovers with Asim.. 

TMR:” Your album “Aenigmata” was recently released.  Go into detail about the theme, lyrics and what influenced it.

AENIGMATA is a collection of thematic songs, each containing conundrums or puzzling questions of our world and universe. “Can man become machine?”, “What is enlightenment?” and more. It also features the problems of enigmatic paradoxes like the “Omnipotence Paradox” and inexplicable phenomena known to mankind. AENIGMATA explores thought experiments on a philosophical as well as a scientific level. The songs often contain mysterious sounding notes, ranging from somber melodies to melodies with a more fantastic touch.




TMR: What was the best moment in Darkest Horizon’s history as a band?

We had a lot of great moments in our history, I think you can say every milestone we had were the best moment so far. For example, the first recorded album, the first big festivals, the festivals abroad from Europe, the first tour, the shows with Wintersun etc. But I can say from my point of fiew, that every concert or business we did with Darkest Horizon was filling the experience scale, if it was good or bad. Because you gain a lot of impressions on the road and this is what’s important for a band. You learn how to deal with anything and that’s a lesson in life you can’t probably gain beside having a band. 

TMR: What was the writing process for “Aenigmata” like? Any struggles or was it easy? What did you do differently this time around?

That was a new experience as well. Because we thought we would release it in 2016. We  had troubles with the recordings or some issues like some other bands had. We just wanted to have a 100% finis product. It was easy to record and nice to work in the process, but finding the right sound… dude… one year mixing and painting the details… that was pain in the ass.

And of course we did something different in the process. Everybody recorded their parts on their own. I mean of course we stayed in touch during the time, but everybody could bring his own influence down. So it was amazing. But next time we´ll check out a new kind of path during the process as well. Doing it all the same would be boring. 

TMR: Does Darkest Horizon have any shows coming up?

Yes! But I am only allowed to say that we´re playing on the 22nd of December near our home area in Darmstadt at the Goldene Krone with Sapiency, Corbian and another band. We’re doing there a Christmas special, so get your tickets and get suprised! We are really looking forward to this event! There are a lot of other requests through Europe but I can’t say something more because we’re actually planning this beside the recordings. 

TMR: Talk about your newfound partnership with Proximity Productions.  Your band has had some good things going on lately, and this is just another one of them.

Yes! First I want to thank you guys that work togehter. Honestly I am more on the booking and songwriting level but we all experienced a great time when we have been to Sri Lanka where we met Harsha of Proximity Productions. So Jonas contacted him this year and we started working together. We hope that we will reach a higher level by his (Harsha’s) international contacts and especially in Asia for we would love to come back and visit more countries and cities (and of course play gigs there too!). This cooperation started very good and we hope that it will grow and grow and well… let’s see, where it leads us!

TMR: What are your goals for 2019? Anything cool planned?

Yes! We played a lot of shows this year in Germany and at the neighboring countries so after the awesome experience in Bucharest we are working to get our asses more abroad from Germany, for some club and festival shows. Beside this we’re working on new material. After releasing “Aenigmata” in October we have like 10 new songs and are working on them. We haven’t decided yet how and when we’re releasing these songs. But there is something cooking for 2019 and it smells definitely good.

TMR: How did everyone become a musician? What albums and artists helped you make that decision?

We all grow on each other. So everybody in the band did his part on the other one I think. Of course I wont be able to be that muscian I am right now without the guys and I think I can say this for the other members as well. 

For my personal development beside Darkest Horizon was Wintersun. In the first point they blew me away with their first Album. So I started a year before their debut release the guitar playing business. But after listening to that high skilled guitar music, I saw the long path I had to go. Beside that Teemu Mäntysaari is my guitar instructor.

TMR: What is everyone interested in outside of music and Darkest Horizon?

Time besides music and the band is a very thin line. We’re all working beside our band and the rest of the time is focused and saved for the band. For sure we’re having a life beside the band but that’s more like calming down from the daily routine and enjoying good company with some friends or doing sports and other simple activite like anyone else does.




Rise To Fall- Into Zero

Rise To Fall - Into Zero - Cover

Rise To Fall recently released their album “Into Zero”.  The melodic death metal lads have  slightly modernized the metal sub genre that originated out of Sweden (and quickly spread to many neighboring countries).  There’s lots of catchy choruses, great melodies and some pretty great guitar melodies that accompany all of it.  I didn’t know what to expect when I saw a “modern melodic death metal” tag, since music has to be described in one way.  I am into melodeath, and was curious what Rise To Fall sounds like….and was very pleased with my attempt.


Dalay Tarda (Vocals)
Hugo ( Guitars)
Dann ( Guitars)
Javi (Bass)
Txamo (Drums)

The sweet combination of Hugo and Dann really make this band flow really, really well.  Dalay has a great growl, and can reel in his voice on some really get vocal melodies as well…..a diverse vocalist, so to say.  In a world where many metal subgeneres get stale with a repetitive sound, I think Rise To Fall will surprise many people.  They are what In Flames SHOULD BE right now…..but unfortunately aren’t themselves.  Rise To Fall is doing what the genre godfathers currently can’t, and that’s saying a lot.







Logical Terror Debuts new song “Nightmare”


Orchestral Melodic Metallers Logical Terror recently released their latest banger “Nightmare”.  It’s a sweet mix of modern melodic metal with orchestral elements, keys and relentless riffing.  With Arch Enemy dead (to me at least), we need more bands of a similar vein. Once Human really does it for me, who I believe is working on new music.  Logical Terror will help you scratch that itch and bring you to a full fledged assault.




Emiliano Gozzi – Vocals
Julius Morse Sic – Vocals
Claudio Corvo Mulas – Guitars
Simone Clementi – Guitars
Warren Gnudi – Drums


Both vocals are great between Julius and Emiliano.  I love the growls, and sweet switch up on the singing when it happens.  It’s almost melodic death metal at certain points.  I’m really intrigued by Logical Terror now, and I think you all should be as well. Give them a shot!







Anomos The Cult Of Pandora Official EP Stream


Aonomos is a great groove metal band with some death metal influences here and there from Edinburgh.  “The Cult Of Pandora” is coming out December 3rd, with the band playing a release show on November 24th right before it’s release day.  If you like a little Mastodon technicality mixed in with some speed and occasional Meshuggah groove Anomos will make you all warm inside that body of yours.  There is also plenty of guitar melody that is slightly reminiscent of the 1990’s melodic death metal movement in Sweden.  Check out the EP right below and see for yourself!



The Cult Of Pandora

1. Imps

 2. The Cult Of Pandora

3. Steel Of A Martyr

4. Pinion Ether 


 The Cult Of Pandora

 Steel Of A Martyr

 Pinion Ether


Vocals: Tam Taylor

Guitar: Fraser McLeish

Bass/Vocals: Rob Iredale

Guitar/Vocals: Cal McKinlay

Drums: David Taylor

Anomos 26012018 gig