Dying Awkward Angel releases “Isaih 53:7” Music Video

Death Metal outfit Dying Awkward Angel have just released a new music video for “Isiah 53:7” from their 2018 release “Absence Of Light”.  This groovy death metal band is from Italy and bring a good product aboard.  It’s very heavy, and also sorta melodic….although not the glorified Swedish 1990’s melodic death metal style. The intense music video encompasses what Dying Awkward Angel brings to the table……no nonsense straightforward death metal to your ears! Check out the video below and don’t forget to score a copy of “Absence Of Light”!


Blackguard is BACK! Band releases new song “By My Hand”

Just when you think something is dead, and it randomly reappears.  Symphonic Melodic Death Metal act Blackguard have randomly artistically resurrected themselves with a killer new track “By My Hand”.  It also features Morgan Lander of Kittie on guest vocals as well.  The layering is superb, with those strings and synth that create the melodic atmosphere the band desires. I think its a stellar return to form for a band that was dormant for years, and has graced us with their wild return today March 8th.  They also have a comeback show on the 22nd, so hit it up if you live in Toronto!  Check out the song below and enjoy it!  Exciting times for Blackguard fans!



Archaic Decapitator- The Apothecary

Progressive Melodic Death Metal outfit Archaic Decapitator is releasing their upcoming EP “The Apothecary” on April 19th and we have our extremely invaluable opinion on that upcoming effort! The band recently added Xenosis drummer Gary Marotta to their lineup as their drummer, and didn’t hesitate at all to get familiar with this band.  If anyone in Xenosis (their album from last year was totally overlooked) has a hand in a project, I’m sure as heck going to check it out.  And here we go!

The guys have a very melodic sound on their frantic EP, but add a little bit of progressive and black metal structuring to some of their sound.  A couple of the tracks are longer, with track length not in mind as they seamlessly put together a stellar effort.  If you love mixing your metal genres without sacrificing quality, Archaic Decapitator totally fits that to a tee.


You can check out the song they JUST released this week titled “Skyward” right below!



Kyle Quintin: Vocals 
Craig Breitsprecher: Bass & Backing Vocals
Yegor Savonin: Guitar 
Gary Marotta: Drums 
Christopher Ridley: Guitar 
Marotta’s drumming is a foreseen highlight on “The Apothecary”. Craig locks down the bass, adding a lot of depth and low end to the band’s sound. I really dig the guitar duo of Yegor and Chris, blending together a heavy influence of Opeth’s first 3 albums and classic black metal like Dissection that add some melody to their raw heaviness.  Kyle’s awesome vocals really stand out on this effort. The band will most likely fly under the radar with the plethora of music that gets released, but make sure you pin this band down and highlight them so you don’t forget! You can check out the band’s two previous offerings right here and also get your preorder in! Don’t worry, you have plenty of time with about 2 months until the release date.  I would do it sooner than later, to be honest. I loved this EP and highly suggest this to you metalheads!



To My Dismay release “The Beast Of Bray Road” from upcoming album

To My Dismay dropped “The Beast Of Bray Road” recently at the end of January from their upcoming sophomore album.  They’re a melodic death metal/death metal band from Indiana who reformed two years ago.  They’re kinda proggy, kinda modern….there’s a lot of different vibes you get from this band.  You can check out the debut album below, along with their latest single.  Stay up to date with the band on facebook in regards to their follow up album.  I think it’s gonna be a stellar effort if it’s as good as this single.


In Asymmetry “Edge Of Divergence” Official Guitar Playthrough Premiere

My buddy Victor of In Asymmetry has recorded a great play through of “Edge Of Divergence”.  It’s a serious treat for you guitar wielders out there, with his wild technique and style that’ll woo you for days on end.  The band is working on even more new music for a full length that will be done well…..whenever.  He caught my ears with the two song demo including this song and “The Transcendence”.  He also has stick player Darren Joy playing bass in the band.  Check out the play through and pay attention to their label Eastbreath Records as well who’s signing some great bands including In Asymmetry. Enjoy people!

Equipoise- Demiurgus

The metal community is always keen to talk about emerging “super groups”, but frequently pass over Equipoise, comprised of some of the underground’s technical elite.  By the grace of the metal gods, mastermind Nick Padovani (Virulent Depravity, Kossuth) has managed to recruit a league of truly extraordinary gentlemen; Chason Westmoreland (ex- Hate Eternal, Burning the Masses) anchors the rhythms with his incredible drumwork, Hugo Doyon-Karout (Beyond Creation, Brought by Pain) contributes all of those sultry but complex basslines, and Steve Boiser (Inferi, Tethys, Ashen Horde) offers a stunning rage of vocals. And of course, the techdeath triforce of guitarists, Phil Tougas (First Fragment, Cosmic Atrophy, Chthe’illest), Sanjay Kumar (Wormhole, Perihelion) and Nick himself.  Jimmy Pitts (NYN, Eternity’s End) also makes a very huge effort on keyboards and synth for the album.  


Alchemic Web of Deceit and Waking Divinity are just two of the singles released so far, be sure to check those out while you’re reading through this- that way you’ll have a much better idea of what we’re talking about here.

(And yes, this is another co review between Vick and Dave! TECH TEAM POWERS ACTIVATE!)

So, where to begin? We’re gonna go on a huge limb and say this is one of the bigger releases of the year.  We don’t deny or ignore the band’s talents… we just didn’t know it would be THIS PERFECT. Equipoise is just another huge reason why The Artisan Era is the best up and coming record label (ran primarily by both guitarists Malcom Pugh and Mike Low of Inferi.)

And I think that’s one of my favourite things about this project; everyone brings in such an incredible amount of musical prowess, albeit their own flavour, that it’d be damn near impossible to adequately fill the shoes any one of these dudes would leave behind. 

The production is crisp and clean, but not overproduced; each instrument is adequately audible throughout the course of Demiurgus‘ fourteen tracks.  However, don’t think for a second that it’s crispness will make it easier to digest. Even listening to this for the n-teenth time, I am still pretty overwhelmed by the sheer amount of *stuff* that’s going on. And it’s over an hour long; ye of short attention span needn’t tread here. Sure, each track is outstanding on their own, but one must listen to the whole thing to really grasp the brilliance of the entirety. This record was certainly written with a very specific demographic in mind, and Demiurgus leaves me questioning my position in said demographic.

From Nick himself; listen to the man, he knows a few things about jamming stuff.

I’ve noticed in my tenure in the death metal scene that bass tends to get buried beneath endless guitar riffs and solos, and the bassist ekes on as the unsung hero of the project. But man, you’d have to be out of your mind to want to bury any of Hugo’s bass lines. And though we have ourselves three stellar guitarists, I find that Hugo’s parts in the mixes are often more prominent than the guitar work in a lot of the tracks.  But here’s not to say that he is the focal point of Demiurgus; he is just one out of many, many focal points. 

Every string player has a lead, and takes full sonic advantage of their moments.  The melodies present on the record are absolutely mind blowing.  The classical guitar passages between every few songs are really, really awesome. They offer a brief respite from the absolute barrage of complexities and intricacies that the rest of the album offers.  

Steve’s voice really cuts through on the record, I gotta say.  He’s very up front, and I sure as hell don’t mind it. Initially, I was unsure how I felt about his vocal style, but I’ve come to appreciate what he brings to the table. He has a solid range, never staying with one tone too long. His voice really brings this band together, no lie.

Nick has done a stellar job of layering his songs….especially on “Dualis Flamel”.  Not just that wild guitar solo section the middle….but very present keyboards (thanks to Pitts), which is sweet.  And, the leads are pretty good! When the keys aren’t too busy shredding, they add a lot to the atmosphere and melody of the Equipoise songs creating a more than unique atmosphere for a technical death metal band. 

There are so many guitarists I can barely differentiate them all, being there’s like 10 on the record. I’m pretty sure every guitarist in the band had a lead in the solo section for “Dualis Flamel” the whole song is a wild adventure. Nick really worked hard on the album and his hard work payed off recruiting some of the genre greats who respect and enjoy his music. He’s gotten his band off the ground and with such a great start only makes you wonder how great the second album will be. The melody in the leads are a beautiful touch, everyone wasn’t shredding faces every lead they had. There’s plenty of melody and feel to go around for days that’ll motivate any guitarist to practice their craft more.

Chason’s drums are extremely impressive on the album.  Do I expect any less from a solid drummer? No, but it’s great to hear.  Gotta give lots of props to guy who has to change speeds a lot and play really, really fast fills in such a wild sound like Equipoise.

We don’t really know what else people expect from a technical death metal band, but Equipoise really brought their A game here big time.  Everyone made a stellar effort, and are really gonna turn some heads here.  If they didn’t make a mark with their EP… well this should definitely do it with Demiurgus.  

Though I am a sucker for longer tracks to immerse myself in, I think I can safely say that my favourite track is “Suit of My Flesh”.  I think it’s the heaviest out of the fourteen tracks, and I can’t help but be pulled in by that opening riff. When you hear it, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. One does not simply turn on this song and instantly headbang. “Ouroboric” is a pretty close second, another perfect example that heaviness doesn’t need to be sacrificed for beauty to be incorporated. 

Demiurgus is out March 8, via The Artisan Era. Do yourself a favour and jam those singles, and then jam Equipoise’s EP, Birthing Homunculi. And then read what Nick had to say about the record. And then hop aboard the hype train, we’ll see you aboard. We will update you on the status of Equipoise’s 2019 tour as the information is released. 😉

Inferi release “Condemned Assailant” Music Video

Inferi have released a music video for “Condemned Assailant” which is one of many great songs from their latest groundbreaking album “Revenant”.  Steve Bosier has been recruited recently to front the band on vocals and officially keeping bass master Andrew Kim.  The band are working on a rerelease of one of their first albums “End Of An Era” with their current lineup which will be pretty awesome if you’re a fiend for reworked albums.  Check out their video below, which I think is one of the tech band’s more melodic songs from “Revenant”.



Orphalis- The Birth Of Infinity

I stumbled across a killer technical death metal band Orphalis, and figured I would share the love about their debut record from 2016 “The Birth Of Infinity”.  I think I bumped into another solid technical band that has done a solid job of balancing enough of that, and added melody to keep them interesting for the whole album.  Too many tech bands show off their talent, and don’t create an abundance of music without much groove or even an attempt of melody.  Like Anomalism and Structural, these guys have that great balance and pretty prolific songwriting for a newer band.  Germans have a historical knack of breeding truly fantastic artists, and Orphalis just another example of that fact.




Thomas – Vocals
Jens – Vocals/Guitar
Morten – Guitar
Diego – Bass
Phillip – Drums

The vocals between Thomas and Jens are flat out AWESOME. The guitars have absolutely awesome riffs, and some great leads as well on “The Birth Of Ifinity”.  The band as a collective whole is seriously in sync.  Phillip’s drumming stands out a whole ton, as I think he’s really the pulse behind the band.  It seems like the rest of the band feeds off his relentless blasts, and they take off from there.  Seeing someone mention this band somewhere on the deep dark web was a serious victory…you are bound to come across music that you don’t totally like, but I really vibe with Orphalis.  They have a good blend of classic and modern death metal to their sound.  Fans of classic and new death metal should appreciate the talents of the band, with that extra added tech flare.  You can check out the album right here.  Hope you all enjoy this beast!


Enblood- Cast To Exile

Enblood released a killer debut album last year “Cast To Exile” and have only known about this great technical death metal band since the end of 2018.  The band is from Portugal, and should be no shock as there is an absolute obnoxious plethora of hispanic bands who create quality metal.  Guitarist and Vocalist Cesar initially attracted me to this band, as his guttural is stellar as ever and the guitar solos are from another world.  Enblood has a pretty wild and entertaining sound, but not necessarily TOO over the top to discourage the non-tech crowd…….kinda like Obscura.  Oh, did I mention the legendary Obscura? THEY GOT THEIR BASSIST LINUS TO HAVE A GUEST LEAD IN THE TITLE TRACK! You can check out that song below while you ready my stupid review! That should convince you on the quality of Enblood’s music…..I hope.

Ceasar and Joao are just a wild, wild duo on guitar both shred wise and their techy melodic riffs. This band is SO overlooked it’s not even funny! Linus’ bass lead between their guitar solos IS SO TASTEFUL! 


César Moreira – Vocals/Guitars
João Miguel – Guitars
Nuno Cruz – Bass
Daniel Torgal – Drums

Now for some love for their stupid talented rhythm section.  Cruz’s bass playing absolutely shines on “Cast To Exile”.  His sweet tasteful fills compliment the band’s compositions, and fits Torgal’s drum attack perfectly.  Daniel provides a killer backbone on drums who has some serious work on the record……listening to his parts almost makes you feel tired! The constant switching of tempos has to be insanely exhausting.  Enblood is a well oiled machine ready to make a stellar name in the metal community and turn heads.  They have my support 100% percent, and are already working on a follow up to this beastly record! I am super excited for the guys, and extremely interested in their second album.  Pay attention to them on social media so you know when they drop new music! I don’t know when, but they’re at least writing.


Ulfven releases “The Keeper’s Hymn” as second single for upcoming record “Folklore”

You guys may remember the band Ulfven who released their first song “A Mother’s Betrayal” not too long ago.  In case you missed that track, the song is in the link in the previous sentence.  They’re a death metal band with some melodic tendencies, and now with their second song there’s progressive notes and it’s a bit bigger.  I’m expecting their debut to be really mystical, and slightly progressive as well.  I got used to the first song and immediately fell in love with the band….but “The Keeper’s Hymn” is swaying me a bit more with every growing listen.  It’s a solid track that’s not as straightforward, but definitely an epic at over 7 minutes long. “Folklore” is still on track to be released on February 1st, so I suggest you mark that date on your calendar!  Give the guys a listen and check out the latest song right below! Hails!