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Official Premiere Of Morgue Terror “Chopped Up Chum”

Buffalo’s own Morgue Terror is releasing their first song to the public titled “Chopped Up Chum”. The band is looking to blend a style of old school and new school death metal in their first release. It’s an EP that is self titled and releases January 5th of 2024. The band derives inspiration from Art The Clown and the Terrifier movies. This song is about one of the most brutal murders and scenes in both movies. It’s where he saws a girl in half, naked, upside down starting with her uh….private parts.

Oh, I forgot to mention…..this is MY band! I play guitar, write lyrics and manage the online presence of our band. We aim to bridge new and old school death metal heads by combining various genres, trying to create a unique experience for the listener.

Also if you didn’t make the connection based on the track list below, my good friend Brian Mason of Contrarian, Sulaco, CHRMR and the defunct Bailey Mason Lickers played a few guitar solos on this EP. I knew of this stellar guitarist from listening to BML on bandcamp. Flash back to pre pandemic in 2018 or 2019, I attended a local metal show at the Tudor Lounge in Buffalo. I met the gentleman that night and proud to say we have been friends since then. Him saying yes without hesitation blew my mind, knowing a player of his caliber and talent. You can hear his work on the lead for “Salt The Wound” and the ending solo section on “Nightstalker”.

The EP and song should be on virtually (pun intended) every streaming service.

I hope you dig our first public song and please take it easy on us. Bang your head!

Dave- Guitar

Steve- Lead Vocals & Bass

Morgue Terror

  1. Salt The Wound (Feat. Brian Mason)
  2. Nightstalker (Feat. Brian Mason)
  3. Broken, Beaten, Beheaded
  4. Morbid Curiosities
  5. Chopped Up Chum

Music And Lyrics by Morgue Terror.

“Morgue Terror” was recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Doug White at Watchmen Studios.

Artwork by Danielle Bevacqua of Dare To Dream Graphics.

Photography by Victoria Sacha.

Logo by Arpad Korenci of ArpKor Design.

Visualizer by Adam Young of Self Reflected Studios. (Spotify users pre save here) (And here)

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