Arcofield Official Premiere Of “Musk Zuckerberg Cage Fight Shoobeedoowah”

Today I have an intriguing song from Arcofiled titled “Musk Zuckerberg Cage Fight Shoobeedoowah”. It’s a funny, entertaining song taking jabs at the tech giants while holding musical value and talent. There’s some cool vocal melodies and harmonies that seamlessly soar along during the track. It has a tongue in cheek vibe that the great Frank Zappa perfected to a tee. I couldn’t resist showcasing this song and hope you find some enjoyment in this cool track.

Arcofield was a teenage pianist who lost a finger in an accident on his first day of work after leaving school. He quit the piano, took up the guitar and discovered songwriting. With his debut album on the way, Arcofield is building interest in his tracks that may initially seem like a novelty but instead offer an insightful critique of celebrity culture. ‘

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