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Autopsy – Ashes, Organs, Blood, And Crypts (2023, Peaceville Records)

Autopsy is dropping their ninth album, ‘Ashes, Organs, Blood, And Crypts’ on October 27, following just barely a year after their last full length offering. This latest album shows us that the old-school death thrashers still have more to say, even if it may not be the most poignant release by a band like theirs.

Much of this album is marked by what you’d expect from an Autopsy record. Razor-sharp guitars, headnod drum parts, vocals barking out lyrics about (I presume) death and corpses, and meaty grooves. Autopsy knows what works for them and they’re not afraid to stick to it. Many of the riffs on this album are reminiscent of their contemporaries in bands like Death, Atheist, and even (in this writer’s view) Crowbar. Certain sections of this album won’t make sense unless you weigh over 200 lbs, as they’re so groove-laden that you need the sheer mass to competently move along with the music.

All-in-all this is exactly what one would expect from an Autopsy record in 2023. There are no surprises thrown at us, unless you’re surprised that this legendary band has stuck to their niche for so long. This band has found what they’re good at, and they will not relent. Listen to this album if you like evil riffs, harmonic minor scales, and the intensity of 90s death metal.

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