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Arkaik release “Supernal Flame”, new album out 2020 and sign to The Artisan Era

Technical Death Metal masters Arkaik  have not only released a wildly nutty song….but have a new album due out next year AND signed to the ever growing Artisan Era record label.  They’ve made some great acquisitions as far as some awesome underground bands….but to recruit a modern day great […]


Equipoise- Demiurgus

The metal community is always keen to talk about emerging “super groups”, but frequently pass over Equipoise, comprised of some of the underground’s technical elite.  By the grace of the metal gods, mastermind Nick Padovani (Virulent Depravity, Kossuth) has managed to recruit a league of truly extraordinary gentlemen; […]

Mortanius- ‘Til Death Do Us Part

Progressive Power Metal Band Mortanius is releasing their first full length album “Til Death Do Us Part” on February 22nd and we have the low down for you here at TMR!  This band is very entertaining with its symphonic and neoclassical elements, adding all those acoustic and classical guitar […]