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The Odious Construct Guitar Playthrough Premiere “Throne Of Misanthropy”

The Odious Construct have released some new material with their latest blazing single “Throne Of Misanthropy”.  Now, the guys have partnered with us to showcase the world their guitar prowess with the same song on this wonderful playthrough.  In my honest opinion they have been one of the dark horses on their label The Artisan Era (considering how many stellar bands are on their roster) and this song is another wild track.

The band has this to say about the video and the song:

“With a few member changes happening last year, Throne of Misanthropy is our first collaborative effort as a band since Nate and Jake have joined.  Structurally, this song doesn’t follow a typical verse/chorus format and is instead through-composed. We used a lot of counterpoint to bring the riffs together, which felt like help really bring the song to life.  Filming this playthrough was a lot of fun, and Josh Williams from AudioVisual knocked it out of the park, as usual. We hope you enjoy it as well! Here’s the guitar playthrough for “Throne of Misanthropy”  

Enjoy the insanity!

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