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Exist Is September’s Artist Of The Month!

It’s no secret this summer has brought out the caveman in me in many ways, which also applies to our website’s monthly showcases.  I’ve been shockingly honed in on Exist lately with their supreme new release “Egoista” after a tremendous sophomore release “So True, So Bound” that drew me in a few years ago.  Guitarist Max Phelps toured for Cynic and was also a part of the Death To All tribute supergroup.  The Cynic influence and jazz fusion parts in the new album shouldn’t shock you, and a band that’s put out two great releases deserves a better shot at more media promotion.  If you like heavy, Exist will scratch that itch in some weird ways between all of their unique transitions.  If you’re a prog nerd, you’ll kill for this band’s songs and artistry.  If you like classic prog with some jazz and fusion mixed in, you’ll appreciate Exist as well.

All in all this awesome band is very diverse, and should be on everyone’s map.  It takes a special ear and person to appreciate quality/dense music, and Exist is exactly that.  Every listen you discover new parts or melodies you didn’t hear the previous time.  They’re being themselves and not forcing this music by any means.  I once coined this band in a now defunct podcast as a “fucked up Opeth” and isn’t necessarily an insult.  They’re definitely “out there” and not easily accessible by any means, but as previously stated appeal to the ears of many types of styles.  If you don’t know Exist, I’m hoping you do yourself a good deed this September and dive into their great library with us on our Facebook page.



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