Death Metal

Arkaik release “Supernal Flame”, new album out 2020 and sign to The Artisan Era

Technical Death Metal masters Arkaik  have not only released a wildly nutty song….but have a new album due out next year AND signed to the ever growing Artisan Era record label.  They’ve made some great acquisitions as far as some awesome underground bands….but to recruit a modern day great like Arkaik is one heck of an accomplishment.  The track includes their expected blistering, technical and symphonic style that encompasses the awesome sound of Arkaik.  The artwork looks ridiculously awesome too…..just like one of my favorite death metal bands Decapitated, Arkaik has gone through all sorts of lineup changes.  The quality of their music has never truly suffered, and instead only gotten better.  Check out the beastly song below and preorder some new threads from Arkaik on The Artisan Era’s store!

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