Category: Prog Death Metal

Atlas Entity June/July 2019 Interview

The recent Atlas Entity album is a legitimate masterpiece that needs more waves in the media.  I had some questions for band mastermind Alex Gallegos who fortunately gave us some stellar answers.  Enjoy the interview and check out the latest progressive death metal opus at the link above! TMR: What […]


Dream Void- Divinization

The project that is (unfortunately is no more after this release) Dream Void have an upcoming offering “Divinization” that is a serious banger.  The technical/progressive death metal band is closing the doors with a serious band.  I’ve loved their mix of tech and prog especially in the latest release.  They […]

Fractal Universe- Rhizomes Of Insanity

Up & coming French Progressive Death Metal act Fractal Universe released a wildly awesome record recently titled “Rhizomes Of Insanity”.  There’s a reason we recently had them as our January Artist Of The Month.  These guys have been getting better every release, and they’re one of the genre’s best kept secrets….until […]