Category: Prog Death Metal

Lumenwood Official Premiere Of “Vault Of The Augur”

Lumenwood is debuting their single “Vault Of The Augur” today with us from their upcoming debut EP “Eldritch Rites”.  The track features a monster guitar solo by Phil of First Fragment (and the 30 other projects he’s involved in) and guest keyboard and theremin tracks by Jimmy Pitts (NYN […]


Fractal Universe- Rhizomes Of Insanity

Up & coming French Progressive Death Metal act Fractal Universe released a wildly awesome record recently titled “Rhizomes Of Insanity”.  There’s a reason we recently had them as our January Artist Of The Month.  These guys have been getting better every release, and they’re one of the genre’s best kept secrets….until […]

Inanimate Existence release “Desert”

Inanimate Existence have released another song off their upcoming impressive album “Clockwork” (yes we have heard it, and are still working on an article on it).  The music video is the third single off the album, with Voyager and Ocean the other tracks that were released.  This is their most mature and complete […]