Gourmand- Blossoming From The Grave

Gourmand artwork


You want a dynamic progressive death metal band? Gourmand brings that, and much more on their second album “Blossoming From The Grave”.  Drawing heavy influence from more than extreme music, they blend in folk and classical influences periodically throughout the album.  Luke is the band’s vocalist who has a classical background that was influenced through his parents (you can read more about the band in my recent interview).  Don’t let his stellar cello playing overshadow his voice…..it made me smile ear to ear the consistent growling like Sven from Aborted actually fronted Gourmand. It was a great surprise after I finished listening to the album when I got the promotion in my e-mail.  Definitely a band you don’t want to sleep on.

Bands like Gourmand are very rare these days, as lots of death metal bands don’t really like to experiment or try something different.  Granted, I love the genre but there’s plenty of proof I really like the different experimenting going on within the genre.  Like any other genre, you can only keep rehashing the same music for only so long.  Many bands are adding progressive and experimental elements that aren’t predominately found in death metal (odd time signatures, extra instrumentation, etc).  Opeth and Ne Obliviscaris are two big bands in the genre that have and still are facilitating this movement.  I think Gourmand has that potential if they keep their heads down and stay on the musical grind.

Blossoming From The Grave is a well written album that will probably be ignored being a small band and not a trendsetter.  Gourmand is an artistic band who isn’t looking to be popular and sign a huge record deal.  The future is bright for the band and I think it’d be foolish to ignore these guys.  You can tell the difference in their two albums that their new release is real collaborative and thats how a band should truly function.  Don’t let this up and coming band slip through the cracks!





Gourmand August 2018 Interview

BAND 3.jpg

Gourmand is releasing their sophomore album “Blossoming From The Grave” today and discussed the history of the band and the upcoming album with their vocalist and cello player Luke.



TMR: How is Blossoming From The Grave different than your debut album? 
With “Blossoming From The Grave” we were able to make a more coherent and collaborative sound than on “The Inquisitionist”. When we released our debut we had been together for hardly a year and you can hear a lot of influence from our previous projects. With Blossoming we have definitely found our own sound and are excited to grow on that. We’ve grown individually as musicians but more importantly we have grown as a group and I think that’s reflected in the albums competitively.
TMR: What sets you guys apart from other progressive death metal bands that makes your band unique?
The live use of cello and keys definitely set us apart during our live performance. People are always intrigued when we are setting up our gear and it makes for a really fun and unique show.
TMR: How did Gourmand form?
Gourmand is a collection of musicians from prominent death bands from the Kansas City area including A Plague In Faith, Obliterate the Apex, Marasmus, and Hate Made Easy. All of our string players had played together in previous projects mentioned above and we were lucky enough to meet our drummer, Trevor Hall, in 2016. He is what ultimately brought the band to life.
Gourmand artwork
TMR: What shows do you have coming up to support your upcoming album?
We have our CD release show scheduled for Saturday, Aug 18th in Kansas City. In October we will be opening for Ne Obliviscaris before we head to Cincinnati for small run of shows.
TMR: Who are your biggest idols?
Our musical influences range pretty wildly in the band but we are all obviously huge fans of the OG death metal bands as well as Opeth, Pink Floyd, Between the Buried and Me and as funny as it sounds, Dave Matthews Band. We also have a huge amount of respect for our local and regional friends in Origin, Troglodyte, Marasmus, Torn The Fuck Apart and Dischordia.
TMR:  How does Gourmand write? Is it more spontaneous or more structured and planned?
For this album we had Ben, Danny and Scott compose their own songs. Once they bring them to the table Trevor and I help chop them up and rework them into a collaborative effort. We typically rely on our strings players to supply the basis for the songs and then as a group we shop them.
TMR: How were you introduced to music and your instrument?
I had a pretty traditional “millennial metal head” experience. As a kid I grew up listening to Linkin Park, Slipknot, etc. and then I was very strongly influenced by the New Wave of American Heavy metal. I come from a very musical family and always sang in choir. When I was 15 I got The Zen of Screaming and never looked back! I started playing cello when I was 10.
TMR: How did cello become a main component of your sound?
Like I said I come from a very musical family. My mom is a piano teacher and always had me involved with classical music. In 5th grade I started playing the cello and did all through high school but I really fell away from the instrument in college when I was involved in my old band as well as musical theater and choir in college. When we started Gourmand we realized that we would never be the best death metal band of all time (Because Suffocation is already a band, am I right?). So after college I decided I should put my cello to use and try to do something different with our sound.
TMR: Rattle off some of your favorite bands of any genre right now.
Oh, man. Suffocation, Death, Morbid Angel, BTBAM, Pink Floyd, Rush, Dave Matthews Band, The Mars Volta.
TMR: Your house or apartment sets ablaze and can only grab 3 things…what do you grab?
Easy! My cello, my Nintendo Switch, my bucket of cellared beers stashed in my basement.
TMR: What’s your favorite piece of gear you own?
I just got a new wireless Shure Beta 58 and I will never go back.
TMR: Explain the meaning behind the album title and the concept of it.
Blossoming from the Grave is a really personal and emotional album for me lyrically. In the past I hit all the metal stereotypes, right? Anti-Christianity, existentialism, being pissed off at the world etc. With this album I wanted to get back to why I started writing lyrics in the first place, which was to express myself. The album more than anything is about a lot change in my life and how I have coped with it. Not to get too personal, but I basically wrote each song as a chapter about things that are important to me at this time in my life. I wrote songs like A Message In Wax, Perpetual Sickness, Siren’s Song and The First of My Name to be deeply personal to my own story while still being loose enough that listeners may be able to relate to some of the emotions.
TMR: What was it like putting together the music video for Blossoming The Grave?
Our friend Emmanuel Carlo is a local film student here in Kansas City and a great supporter of local music who did all the shots while Ben edited the video himself. We shot the video in Ben’s home studio in the middle of the night after I got off a late shift at work. When we did our outside shots it was about 2 AM in Ben’s backyard and we were being SO loud. Honesty we were trying not to laugh the whole time because the situation was so ridiculous and we could only run the song once before we had to stash all the equipment and cut the lights. His neighbors had to be pissed!  Anytime we do some sort of video shoot or pictures we are just cracking each other up and roasting each other. It can be hard to maintain a serious face on camera sometimes.
TMR: Your best memory as a musician?
We went on a short tour with Unmerciful this Summer and played Spring Meltdown Festival in Lake Tahoe. We got a free room and everything and kept joking the whole tour saying “this is what fame feels like”. That show was great and it was also the same night as the return of the Faceless with the mystery lineup so everyone was on their toes and having a great time. It was a truly rewarding experience.

Aethereus- Absentia



Aethereus is releasing a serious banger of an album this Friday August 10th.  Just like it’s newly signed Artisan Era colleagues Mordant Rapture this is the band’s first release on the upcoming technical death metal label.  You can find out more about the band and its members in my interview with them right here. The band had a great debut EP “Ego Futurus” featuring ex Zenith Passage drummer Luis Martinez.  “Absentia” also features new drummer Matt Behner.

The theme behind Absentia is great, and the artwork is even better.  I love the guitar work of Gassman and Chapman, it’s a very good duo.  Vance’s voice enhances the mood of Absentia from the first second his voice kicks in.  It’s a very emotional album and you can tell the further you dive into the journey that the band created.  Oh, and Brody of Rivers of Nihil keeps putting his name out there as he makes yet another guest appearance on “Fluorescent Halls”.

I highly suggest you preorder this album as you really, really don’t want to sleep on it.  Aethereus will open up the eyes of many people who don’t know them, and should make waves within the tech death realms.  The 3 tracks below should convince you to do so.  Absentia is a truly impressive album! Hop aboard The Artisan Era train as spots are quickly filling up!


Absentia Track Listing
1. Cascades of Light
2. Writhe
3. Mortal Abrogation
4. Fluorescent Halls of Decay (Featuring Brody Uttley of Rivers of Nihil)
5. Absentia
6. That Which is Left Behind
7. The Black Circle
8. With You, I Walk
9. The Pale Beast

Vance Bratcher – Vocals  (The Devils of Loudon/Six Days of Darkness)
Kyle Chapman – Guitar/Vocals
Ben Gassman – Guitar
Scott Hermans – Bass  (The Devils of Loudon/ex-Blood and Thunder)
Matthew Behner – Drums  (ex-Fully Consumed/ex-Year of Desolation)





Inanimate Existence July 2018 Band Of The Month!






Technical/Progressive Death Metallers Inanimate Existence is TMR’S July 2018 Featured Band Of The Month! As promised, they are this month’s showcased band as they placed third in total votes in May’s Battle Royale.  Plus, I fucking love this band.  The California Trio released their 4th album “Underneath A Melting Sky” last year and I am basically obsessed with it still a year later.  Good news is the guys are working on a follow up already.  I initially heard the band on Youtube I believe.  “Calling From A Dream” was when I heard them for the first time and I love the prog death metal mashup with the female vocals! I loved how diverse their sound was on their 3rd album with occasional clean sections and plenty of death metal too, mixed in with clean vocals and gutturals made it very appealing to me.

IE is not a one trick pony and that’s what I dig about the band.  Frontman and guitarist Cameron is a solid guitarist, to say the least.  The band’s latest album showcased his dramatic improvement as a songwriter and guitarist.  He knows how to harness his immeasurable talent, while making his leads very tasty and melodic…..far from boring and not necessarily repetitive.  Oh, and I get to see my homeboys in a few days on the 3rd when they come to town!


Left to Right: Guitars/Vocals Cameron Porras, Drummer Ron Casey, and Bass/Vocals Scott Bradley


In their short time, they have put out some very tasty passages and some great grooves too.  They’re one of the best bands out there on the scene right now, and a huge underdog.  The sky (HA!) is the limit for Inanimate Existence and if given a great opportunity I know they’d wow the masses of  a bigger festival or tour.  Ron Casey holds down the drums impressively every time he steps behind the kit.  Bradley keeps a great rhythm on bass, and also offers a second set of gutturals that gives the band two different voices in their songs.  The guys were initially signed with Unique Leader Records and within the last few years made the transition to the ever potent and rising Artisan Era record label.


I hope everyone digs IE, checks out their music and makes it to a show! They’re currently tearing it up with The Last Of Lucy and Fields of Elysium! Hope to see some of my local Buffalo metalheads at the show on July 3rd! Stay Tech bitches!








Alterbeast/Inferi/Nyktomorph @ Stamps June 27 2018

Alterbeast, Inferi and Rivers of Nihil are conducting a nation wide tour in support of all three band’s releases with Nihil headlining.  Fortunately for us Western New Yorkers, the supporting bands booked an off date with local black metallers Nyktomorph opening up. A second local band was supposed to play but dropped off last minute.  iPhone quality photos, excuse my amateur status I hope you enjoy the article!



I think this was the band’s 3rd show? I saw their first show at the Rockin’ Buffalo, and they had a good performance.  As you can tell, they’re a 3 piece now they need a bass player. They’re going to start working on their full length during the summer, so you won’t see the band coming out of hibernation until the fall time I heard there’s a show sometime in September I think they’re playing.  They’re a black metal band, without all the getup.  I was impressed this time around as much as their first show……they’re dark and eerie like any black metal band, but there’s something I really dig about them I can’t put my finger on……It’s just heavy as fuck, and awesome. My colleagues in THE METAL were at the show and also took some video….





Next up were the Inferi dudes. When they took the stage, there was a confirmation their other guitar player Mike couldn’t make the tour for some vacation or something? But they’re continuing the tour as a 4 piece.  Both guitarists Malcom and Mike run their record label The Artisan Era together.  They’re continuously signing mind blowing tech bands including their own (Inferi and Oubliette).  Unfortunately the guys played a handful of songs even with a smaller bill with the other band cancelling….point is I still got to see one of the most overlooked technical death metal bands on the scene right now.  They’re all the way out in Nashville, so it made it easy to go to the show knowing they may or may not be back.  Their latest album “Revenant” is one of the best releases of the year without a doubt. The neoclassical elements and obnoxious guitar playing of the bearded wizard Malcom made it a very entertaining set.  The band’s first two albums are great, but the production wasn’t the greatest……Revenant is a well produced album and if you didn’t know they’re working on remastering and remixing their first two and putting them on vinyl!

If you somehow need further convincing you can check out the stream of Revenant right below here.


Here’s some great guitar work from Malcom himself…..I swear the dude is extremely underrated and if put on a larger level, he’d wow larger crowds. An inspiration for all guitarists, especially for a bum like myself!



Video clip of Inferi via The Metal:  https://www.facebook.com/plugins/video.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fwelcometothemetal%2Fvideos%2F2046004802282862%2F&show_text=0&width=560




Now for the main act…..Tech death thrashing Alterbeast.  Wow, their 2 albums do them no justice in comparison to their live show.  Now, if you know me I’m the laid back metalhead who doesn’t really mosh, protects the people who get thrown from the pit and constantly headbangs.  During Alterbeast though, they really energized the crowd and I felt the need to be a stereotypical metalhead.  I really like Alterbeast’s formula of fitting as much into a shorter song rather than the opposite of the band who played before them Inferi who have some bigger songs.  Their latest album doesn’t even hit the 40 minute mark! They’re quick, tech, and straight to the point.  The Californians put on one hell of a show and left me pumped full of adrenaline.


Here’s the stream of their latest album “Feast” which dropped earlier this year in February.  Buy it!


Video clip of ALTERBEAST via The Metal: https://www.facebook.com/plugins/video.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fwelcometothemetal%2Fvideos%2F2046007558949253%2F&show_text=0&width=560


Overall, this was a killer show and for a measly $12 who wouldn’t want to see a lineup as killer as this? If it cost $30 I wouldn’t have felt ripped off, considering the talent that was put on display that evening. Next week Inanimate Existence pops (another great band like Inferi signed to Artisan Era!) with Last Of Lucy and Fields of Elysium at the same venue Stamps on July 3rd.  I’ll be there, so you can probably expect another article similar to this….and I have an obsession with Inanimate Existence, so it might be a bigger article.

Stay tech!


Aethereus June 2018 Interview


Aethereus is releasing their first full length “Absentia” on August 10th through The Artisan Era. I chatted with the guys about music, and shit. Ya know….stuff.

TMR: What was it like working with Luis Martinez?


Ben: I met Luis after The Zenith Passage played in Seattle. He heard some demos of the songs for Ego and seemed to dig them. After TZP’s tour finished, we got in contact and began working from there. Lacking a drummer of our own at the time, Luis’ incredible talent was a fantastic contributor on our first release. When we heard the recorded tracks, we were absolutely blown away!


Kyle: Working with Luis on the first EP (Ego Futurus) was pretty great. Even though he’s two states away, we were able to send him demos and click tracks so he could work out his parts and get into the studio with relative ease. The dude is a phenomenal drummer and super easy to work with.


TMR: How is your upcoming album “Absentia” different in comparison to your debut EP? Anything different this time around?


Kyle: There are a few notable differences, the most obvious being the lineup. Except for Ben and I, this is Matt, Vance, and Scott’s debut with the band. They each bring their own style to the table, which I’m super stoked about. In terms of the actual songs, they’re a bit more varied. There are more peaks and valleys, with a heavier emphasis on melody and structure than with Ego.


TMR: How was your band name conceived?


Kyle: We were trying to figure out a name that captured the essence of our sound and the subject of our songs, all of which have a kind of spacey philosophical bend to them. Aethereus means something that is ethereal or other worldly, so it seemed to fit.


TMR: Upcoming show plans?


Kyle: We have a few shows in the pipeline right now. We’ll be playing with The Kennedy Veil in Tacoma, WA on 7/11 and the following night we’re playing with them and our labelmates Inanimate Existence in Seattle. After that we have our CD release show on 8/10 in Tacoma with Theories, Blood and Thunder, and Xoth. We will also be making our way out to the East Coast to play the second day of Fresh 2 Deaf Fest with Artificial Brain and a bunch of other sick bands.


TMR: What’s it like being on the most potent record label in the business right now? You guys are one of many newer talents signed to TAE that proves how great the label’s ears are…..they have lots of great original tech and prog bands that don’t mimic anything!


Kyle: I greatly appreciate the compliment man. It still feels a bit surreal when I think about it. The amount of talent on this label is staggering, so to be counted amongst any of these bands is an incredible feeling. To top it all off, Malcolm and Mike are just awesome dudes who bend over backwards to take care of their bands. So, short answer, pretty stoked.


Ben: I couldn’t be more excited to be working with TAE! The phenomenal musicianship comprising their roster is both awe inspiring, and humbling. I’m very grateful to now be a part of their team.

Vance: I am still in shock and blown away for getting to be part of an amazing label and roster of other great musicians. Overall I am very grateful and stoked to be part of TAE team and look forward to what’s to come.


TMR: What’s the concept behind the album artwork and lyrics? Or is it not a concept album? Anything you guys would like to expand on?


Kyle: In the simplest sense, this is a concept album about losing a loved one that was inspired by the passing of our late bass player and friend Shaun Hansen (who played on “Ego Futurus” and our previous band Seker’s album “Transcendence”). Without going too deep into it, the album loosely follows the Kübler-Ross stages of grief, those being denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance, with each song representing a point in the grieving cycle. It’s a much more personal album than Ego.


TMR: What was your moment in wanting to be an artist? Was it a specific song, album, artist or certain instrument that propelled you to your musical talent? What’s everyone’s story that convinced them music was your life?


Kyle: My dad had this crappy Plymouth Acclaim with a cassette player in it. We’d go on drives and just jam out to things like Van Halen, Judas Priest, Pink Floyd, and Jimi Hendrix. Then one day he popped in a copy of Yngwie Malmsteen’s “Marching Out” and my 10-year-old head exploded. That was about the time I decided I wanted to play guitar.


Ben: I was in 7th grade when I discovered System of a Down and peaked my interest in heavier, rock.. A year later I ended up buying Master of Puppets in the electronics section of a grocery store. From there, I became addicted to the guitar I’d gotten for Christmas, learning every Metallica, Pantera, and Slayer riff I could.

Vance: Metal has always been in my life growing up thanks to my older cousin. When I was in 8th grade some friends wanted to start a band and we all picked an instrument and I went with guitar. We never did fully put one together, but I stuck with playing daily. In 2008 I moved to Seattle and started my first band where I played guitar and did vocals. Then I joined a few other bands, up until I became a full-time vocalist.   


TMR: How does Aethereus write? Spontaneous or planned? Through bits and pieces at practice?


Kyle: Often, it’s spontaneous. I don’t think I’ve ever sat down and been like “I’m going to write a song today.” Usually it comes out of me just jamming on something on my own that ends up snowballing into me demoing something which leads to me tabbing it out, sending it to the rest of the band to get their input/suggestions, and then, if it’s not already in a workable form by then, saving whatever I have written for a later time. That’s pretty much how most of the material “Absentia“ was written. With the new stuff we’re working on, it’s been a lot more collaborative. Ben, Scott, and I have been sending a lot of riffs and partial songs back and forth that have got us all excited.


TMR: What’s your favorite moment as a musician?


Kyle: That’s a tough question. We played a show back in 2017 with Archspire and Arkaik. This guy and his son came out to the show. His son wanted to take a picture with us which was pretty damn cool. I think another awesome moment was when Ben and I got the master back for “Absentia.” Hearing the result of all of us busting our asses for over a year just felt incredible.

Vance: My favorite moment was back in 2012, when my first band I started from when moved to Seattle got to open up for Summer Slaughter. Such an epic night with so many good memories. Another awesome moment was getting to perform one song with Cattle Decapitation on 70,000 Tons of Metal.


Ben: Getting to perform with the CWU symphony in my brief tenure as a violin major was pretty sick.


TMR: What is everyone’s top 5 favorite albums of any genre of all time? And also everyone’s top 5 favorite extreme metal albums of all time?


Kyle: Top 5 All Time Favorite albums of any genre (no particular order): 1. Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here, 2. Cynic – Traced in Air,  3. Obscura – Omnivium, 4. Mastodon – Remission, 5. Isis – Wavering Radiant


Top 5 All Time Favorite extreme metal albums: 1. Obscura – Omnivium, 2. Meshuggah – Nothing, 3. Spawn of Possession – Noctambulent, 4. Dissection – Storm of the Light’s Bane, 5. Morbid Angel – Gateways to Annihilation

Vance: Top 5 All Time Favorite albums of any genre: 1. Death – Symbolic, 2. Between the Buried and Me – Colors, 3. Al Di Meola – Elegant Gypsy, 4. Dream Theater – Train of Thought, 5. Agalloch – Ashes Against the Grain

Top 5 All Time Favorite extreme metal albums: 1. Spawn of Possession – Noctambulent, 2. Cattle Decapitation – Monolith of Inhumanity, 3. Necrophagist – Epitaph, 4. Behemoth – Demigod, 5. Cannibal Corpse – The Wretched Spawn

Ben: Top 5 Any Genre: 1. Nile – Annihilation of the Wicked 2. Opeth – Still Life, 3.  Led Zeppelin – IV 4. Cynic – Traced In Air 5. Testament – The Legacy


Top 5 Extreme Metal: 1. Nile – Annihilation of the Wicked 2. Necrophagist – Epitaph 3. Spawn of Possession – Incurso 4. Decrepit Birth – Diminishing Between Worlds 5. Obscura – Omnivium


Scott: I’d literally be up all night trying to figure this out so I’m just going to give the first album which comes to mind: Gojira – From Mars to Sirius.


TMR: What are you guys listening to these days?


Kyle: Lately, I’ve been listening to the new Rivers of Nihil a lot. Also, been spinning the new Slugdge and Pelican’s “What We All Come to Need” pretty regularly.


Ben: The new Inferi and Rivers of Nihil are constantly on repeat. Really stoked about the new Obscura and Soreption too!

Vance: At least once a week now I listen to the new Inferi and Rivers of Nihil, so much fire from both albums. Along with that rotation I always put on The Contortionist, Slugdge, Artificial Brain, Virvum, in to the mix.


Scott: For the last few months or so I’ve been jamming a ton of Raiju, an amazing progressive metal band from San Francisco. Keep an eye out for them. Other than that, it’s been a lot of the new A Perfect Circle and Enslaved albums along with a healthy dose of 90s / early 2000s power metal bands.




TMR: What do the Aethereus guys do for fun?


Kyle: Outside of music related stuff, I play a lot of video games (been playing the new God of War quite a bit), go to the gym, and watch an inordinate number of Japanese monster movies.


Ben: Star Wars Battlefront is my jam.

Vance: I play a lot of video games (my favorite is the Mortal Kombat series). I cast many spells in Magic the Gathering. Attendant as many concerts as possible.


Scott: Hang out with my wife and kids, lift heavy things and play/write/see/record music. And when I have time I do enjoy watching weird, disturbing and/or foreign films.


TMR: Favorite TV show/show on Netflix or Hulu at the moment?


Kyle: Really been digging this season of Westworld. Outside of that, I’ve pretty much just been watching old MST3K episodes on Netflix.


Ben: Anxiously awaiting the final season of Game of Thrones…But until then, pretty much reruns of Trailer Park Boys, It’s Always Sunny, Workaholics, etc.

Vance: I watch a lot of cooking shows with my girlfriend and so far, my favorite is Cutthroat Kitchen. I also have been watching all of Star Trek chronologically. Then the old standbys are South Park, American Dad and The IT Crowd


Scott: Netflix? Last show I watched and enjoyed thoroughly was Wild Wild Country. Good documentary series.


TMR: Favorite things to do on tour or after shows?


Kyle: Have a drink, watch the other bands play, and think about how poorly I played.

Vance: Try to find a party or a good place to hang. Also find the nearest diner/Taco Bell.


Ben: I definitely enjoy a post-show drink and perhaps a toke.


Scott: My favorite thing to do on tour besides playing shows and eating food is waking up early in the morning, putting in my headphones and walking around/exploring whatever town or city I ended up in. I’ve found a lot of cool little spots doing this.


TMR: What endeavors do you guys have outside of Aethereus music related or not? Post any links right here please.

Vance / Scott: Check out the Devils of Loudun if you dig that symphonic death metal stuff:  https://thedevilsofloudun.bandcamp.com/https://www.facebook.com/TheDevilsOfLoudun/


TMR: Thanks for taking the time to answer some random questions! Congratulations on the signing and killer new song! You definitely have a new fan!



Aethereus – Absentia
1. Cascades of Light
2. Writhe
3. Mortal Abrogation
4. Fluorescent Halls of Decay (Ft. Brody Uttley of Rivers of Nihil)
5. Absentia
6. That Which is Left Behind
7. The Black Circle
8. With You, I Walk
9. The Pale Beast

Vance Bratcher – Vocals  (The Devils of Loudon/Six Days of Darkness)
Kyle Chapman – Guitar/Vocals
Ben Gassman – Guitar
Scott Hermanns – Bass  (The Devils of Loudon/ex-Blood and Thunder)
Matthew Behner – Drums  (ex-Fully Consumed/ex-Year of Desolation)



Burial In The Sky- Creatio Et Hominus



Burial In The Sky is set to release it’s second full length Creatio Et Hominus on June 1st.  The band is one of many great modern day experimental progressive death metal bands, with a huge twist…..not to mention other great experimentalists Coma Cluster Void (here’s the interview I did with them recently), the legendary Gorguts (earlier on they were straightforward classic death metal then around “From Wisdom To Hate” Lemay experimented a lot more with dissonance as well something all these bands also have in common) and also the mighty Rivers Of Nihil (a link to my review of possibly the best album of 2018) who added saxophone and more psychedelic elements to their sound.

What makes Burial In The Sky so damn great is not just their technicality and musicianship but the willingness to experiment.  Their debut full length “Persistence Of Thought” had some clean guitar and progressive metal moments, but was still very heavy.  I prefer Creatio Et Hominus in the sense its more unusual and experimental, as it still also packs one hell of a punch.  Band leader James Tomedi is a prolific guitarist who is getting better not songwriting wise but how to layer tracks.  His ear is absolutely phenomenal. Tomedi is not necessarily playing for speed, but throughout the album there’s a lot of cool fills that make it tastier than a greasy pizza when you’re hungry! There’s a lot more dissonance, synth and also saxophone added to their second full length courtesy of Zach Strouse who’s also the band’s bass player that jammed the sax on the Rivers of Nihil 2018 release “Where Owls Know My Name”.  I know Strouse has to be sick of being mentioned as a big player of Owls, but damn he can play a tight bass too.  His saxophone lines add a lot more obscurity and beauty to an odd genre.

Drummer Sam Stewart is a fucking wizard on the kit! Not only can he blast away and hold a good rhythm but can fool you with his efficient rhythms on clean sections.  I think this band is another one of the experimental death metal bands that is in a genre that is here to stay and hope it gets great artists like Burial In The Sky great attention and opportunity.  If it were up to me, I would have landed these guys on Summer’s Laughter (all that’s attractive on this failing extreme tour is BTBAM, Soreption and Allageon let’s be honest) also knowing Born of Osiris and Veil of Maya have been on this tour repeatedly assuming they were added to help keep ticket sales at a somewhat decent number.

Jorel Hart (ex Cognitive) adds such a great intensity as a vocalist to an already heavy band. Their former vocalist Jimmy Murphy was the man behind the mic for the track “Tesla”.  I am going out saying this is a top 10 album of the year even with Obscura and Beyond Creation putting out albums this year.  Hart’s gutturals keep the band’s heaviness at a high point reminding everyone they aren’t going against their roots.

The band partnered up with Metal Injection to stream Creatio Et Hominus and can be listened to right here. You’re going to want to buy this one folks…..it’s a musician’s dream for the open minded ones at least.  I think you can guess that this album will make my best of 2018 list, if you’re thinking that far ahead.


Creatio et Hominus Tracklisting
1. Nexus
2. Tesla  *All vocals by ex-vocalist Jimmy Murphy
3. Nautilus’ Cage
4. The Pivotal Flame
5. Psalms Of The Deviant
6. 5 Years
7. Creatio et Hominus (Ft. a guest solo from Brody Uttley of Rivers Of Nihil)

Burial In The Sky – Creatio et Hominus Line-up
James Tomedi – Guitars, Slide, Keys, Mandolin, Kalimba
Zach Strouse – Bass Guitar, Sax (All Sax playing on the new Rivers Of Nihil)
Sam Stewart – Drums, Piano
Jorel Hart – Vocals (ex-Cognitive, live bass for Wormhole)
Jimmy Murphy – Vocals on Tesla (only)


Burial In The Sky band photo_preview

ISA- Chimera



Chimera is ISA’s debut album with a psychedelic and experimental twist on progressive death metal with a mathcore twist.  It’s a very inconsistent, chaotic and entertaining album from the band mastermind Dan Curhan.  He did all the work for Chimera and holy shit is it impressive.  If you like spontaneity and progressive music that’s not of the norm ISA is a project that is for you.

I’m noticing lately I’ve been getting into more experimental and dissonant prog bands.  Dan’s project covers so many boundaries it’s refreshing.  The songs are layered well and not overdone.  You can get Between The Buried and Me, Pink Floyd and Dillinger Escape Plan all in one song! It’s such a trip I have to say it’s a ride you need to pay to get on and be a part of this adventure.

For a newcomer, ISA has received some decent accolades in its early stages so far.  32837753_2385870768305990_3996162435487629312_n.jpg

As seen above, he has even gotten props from Metal Injection! I wish Dan nothing but the best for his band and his upcoming releases.  The more I heard Chimera, the more I wanted to listen to it in its exact order…….certain albums are best listened to in the order of the songs as they are, and that’s exactly how Chimera should be treated.

The obnoxious part of Chimera puts you in a smooth state of mind when the mellow parts kick in….and then BAM! A huge grindcore or mathcore influenced section kicks in and punches you in the balls (The transition from “Lust” to “Freedom” is a great example)!  Dan’s vocals are very energetic and straightforward.  Not to put in the background of this trip, but he also did the artwork…..he’s gained respect from a fellow artist like myself.  Dan is a multitalented musician who deserves a little bit of respect to say the least which I think is a dying thing these days.

Buy the album right now, and you’ll totally get my drift punks.





Unflesh- Savior



Unflesh’s first full length “Savior” is out this Friday May 25th.  Their debut EP “Transcendence to Eternal Obscurity” had ex Obscura drummer Hannes Grossman work with the band skyrocketing its credibility and talent.  Savior took that opportunity and then some.  The technicality and blistering fretwork on “Savior” is of a seasoned technical death metal band….but you then realize Unflesh is still very new.  The scary part of Unflesh is I don’t think Savior is their best work……they’re still very young and have lots of time ahead of them.  Unflesh can do even better and that’s bad news for the rest of the metal world to keep up with such a potent band.

Metal Injection premiered the album today and can be heard right here.  Unflesh isn’t super crazy to the point where its an unorganized mess…..they do hold some killer grooves while they’re not melting faces and messing with different rhythms.  Nothing bad can’t be said about the guys…..the material is well written and tasteful.  Maybe the world has found another great tech band to replace the Necrophagist void (Unfortunately we won’t see another album out of those legends again).   I also did an Unflesh Interview May 2018 earlier this month if you want to check it out.

Unflesh was founded by Ryan Beevers (also Solium Fatalis) in 2014. The band released an EP that was released on July 15th of 2016 called “Transcendence to Eternal Obscurity” that featured Hannes Grossmann (Alkaloid, ex-Obscura, ex-Necrophagist) on session drums. In 2016 they gained a full line up, which is now: Ryan Beevers on Guitar/Vocals, Chris Dovas on drums, Peter De Reyna on bass, and Caio Kehyayan on guitar. The band has since played their first round of shows starting in 2016 and will be touring in the summer of 2018 in support of their new album, Savior.

The band is mainly influenced by bands such as (Dissection, Emperor, Slayer, Watain, Necrophagist, Angelcorpse) to name a few. We are all in Boston, MA currently and we consider that our base at the moment. I started the band in 2014 and was composing songs for the band around that time. It was in 2016 that we got a full line up and played a lot of shows up until this point. – Ryan Beevers

I say promote the hell out of these guys.  We have too many generic and copycat bands…..they blend black metal, death metal and hints of thrash metal throughout the record.  Unflesh is one of a small group of technical/progressive bands that is helping push the boundaries of the genre and not trying to fit in.  You can preorder the album on digital outlets or physically as well.







Unflesh Interview May 2018



Unflesh is about to release a killer album in a few weeks and it seriously shreds……hard.  “Savior” is one of the best releases of 2018 overall, and probably the best independent release that I know of.

TMR: What was it like working with one of the best drummers in Hannes Grossman? The guy is legitimate drumming gold.

Ryan Beevers: It was great, he’s extraordinarily good at what he does! Definitely a great experience!

TMR: Ryan what is it like going to school at the prestigious Berklee College of Music? And do you think it adds a stigma whether its positive or negative just because someone is attending their school? If you go to Berklee…..you must be perfect, right? Like Dream Theater?

Ryan Beevers: Well, I myself personally am going to school at Berklee for very different reasons than doing Unflesh. I look at them as two different worlds with completely different motivations. I have no concern or interest about people’s opinion regarding this. 

TMR: Your sound is so fresh and so unique compared to many technical and progressive death metal bands these days……how tough is it to keep such an original sound in a slightly repetitive genre? You never want to go stale and rehash the same music over and over again.

Ryan Beevers: It’s quite tough I think when creating music as a band you wanna try and expand and try to push in all directions while maintaining the core fundamentals and also enhancing the sound as much as possible. These are ideas that I try to keep in mind at all times.  

TMR: Do you guys plan on shopping for a label or want to stay independent? 

Ryan Beevers: As far as labels go we haven’t gotten too many offers but either way we are doing just fine being independent for the time being.

TMR: What is everyone’s journey that led them to their instrument of choice? And influences that made you want to become a musician?

Ryan Beevers: Mainly what inspired me in the beginning was bands that my dad was listening to like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Overkill and Testament. That got me to want to pick up a guitar and make music like these bands did.

TMR: Between Babymetal and Corey Feldman who would you rather open up for on a tour?

Ryan Beevers: I’m not too familiar with either so I can’t answer.

TMR: Onto a serious question……what band is on your “bucket list” would you love to play a show with? 

Ryan Beevers: Oh that’s a tough one, I’d have to say that most of the bands I’d love to play a show with don’t exist anymore. But I’d love to play a show with maybe Watain, Morbid angel, Necrophagist (if they ever come back) or maybe Der Weg einer Freiheit.

TMR: Where did you derive your band name from?

Ryan Beevers: The band name was inspired by the Dark Fortress song “The Unflesh” and as the band has grown I think the band name has taken a whole new meaning in and of itself in terms of relating to the lyrical content and drive of the band.

TMR: Savior has a very cool and creepy album cover…..what primarily influenced it and the idea behind it?

Ryan Beevers: The album cover and all the other artworks inside the cover are based on the lyrical content in each song. I had several in depth conversations with the guy who designed the artworks Junki Sakuraba, explaining what each song was about. So all the artworks you see are what he envisioned after these discussions and hearing the demos I’d send to him. He’s extremely talented and he did a fucking brilliant job.

TMR: What kind of gear do you guys use? And what is your favorite single piece of gear whether its for recording or playing?

Ryan Beevers: I use an ESP guitar and Engl Amps, Ghs strings and a couple of various guitar pedals. Our other guitarist uses Peavy amps and I know he has some sort of rack unit which I’m not too sure what it is at the moment. Our Bassist uses Ibanez basses and DNA amps, Our drummer Chris uses a Yamaha recording custom kit, Vater sticks and Remo drum heads.

TMR: What is everyone’s all time favorite albums? And anything you’re looking forward to being released in 2018?

Ryan Beevers: Speaking for myself I’d say some of my favorite records would be Dissection-Storm of the light’s bane, Watain-Lawless Darkness, Celtic Frost-Monotheist and many more. This year I’m looking forward to the latest Obscura and At the Gates releases.

TMR: Please provide links here for any other project of yours or any endeavor outside of the band that anyone can check out.

Solium Fatalis:



Seven Spires: