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Protosequence release new track “A Blunt Description Of Something Obscene”

I’ve been following the Protosequence guys for a bit now, and today they released an epic track proving the maturation in their songwriting.  “A Blunt Description Of Something Obscene” was released this past Friday.  Their guitar work is great, and so are their slamming rhythms.  The vocals have always been […]

Linus Klausenitzer April 2019 Interview

We’ve interviewed one great bassist already in Hugo Doyon-Karout (of a billion projects) and now can add another one.  Ironically these two are some of my favorite bass players of recent memory, believe it or not.  The second one is Linus Klausenitzer of the mighty Obscura.  I can say I thoroughly […]

Warforged Interview April 2019

I asked a bunch of questions about the band and their upcoming full length opus “I: Voice”.  I find out I have a lot of similar with these guys musically and have similar viewpoints artistically as well.  I love this band even more!  You can check out the […]

Warforged- I: Voice

Warforged is releasing their Artisan Era debut album “I:Voice” on May 10th.  The band’s comprehensive sound got even wilder with this album.  They took another step closer to the progressive realms of extreme metal, with a true and raw production on top of it all.  If you love the […]

Ashen Horde- Fallen Cathedrals

Ashen Horde is set to release their third full length album “Fallen Cathedrals” on March 22nd.  If you haven’t heard the album’s featured singles “Profound Darkness” and “Parity Lost” you can at these links right now.  While the project’s earlier works were focused 100% on black metal, the duo decided to change it […]

Flub Signs With The Artisan Era!

Flub has now officially joined the great ranks of upcoming record label The Artisan Era.  The experimental metal band has been working on new tunes, and to sweeten the pot the band is officially signed! Once again, TAE proves its value in the metal community.  I’ve been a big fan […]